John Carpenter Gives New ‘Halloween’ Movie a Rave Review

Master of horror John Carpenter gave his blessing for a new ‘Halloween’ movie to be made and now he’s heaping on a ton of praise for the finished product…

Before David Gordon Green would move forward with his plans for a sequel to the original ‘Halloween’, he wanted to get John Carpenter’s blessing.

Carpenter, who became a household name after creating the ‘Halloween’ franchise with the first movie back in 1978, not only listened to his pitch for the return of Michael Myers but he jumped on board as a producer and even created the score for the upcoming movie.

While Carpenter has only been loosely involved in any capacity since ‘Halloween II’ came out in 1981, he was more than happy to be involved with the upcoming movie due out on October 19.

In fact, Carpenter heaped high praise on the new ‘Halloween’ when speaking about the film in a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie.

“This is as good as I’ve seen since we did the first movie,” Carpenter said.

Another major component to the new ‘Halloween’ movie was Green being able to bring back original star Jamie Lee Curtis to lead the cast for the film that will serve as a direct sequel to the 1978 original.

Curtis has appeared in couple of ‘Halloween’ movies since the first two were released but it seemed like she was finished with the franchise until Green presented his unique take on the character she originally portrayed as her first major acting role.

According to Carpenter, Curtis was the perfect choice for his movie and she remains the same for the new ‘Halloween’ sequel.

“Jamie has a talent, she was born with it,” Carpenter said. “Perfect for the movie I made and now she’s perfect for David Gordon Green’s movie.”

‘Halloween’ will release in theaters nationwide on October 19. Check out the latest trailer for the movie below:

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