Johnny Depp Expected to Star in The Invisible Man Reboot

Johnny Depp has apparently signed on to star in the upcoming remake of The Invisible Man….

Universal is committed to relaunching their famous “monster” line of films and they just landed an A-lister for one of them.

Johnny Depp has signed on to star in the upcoming Invisible Man remake from Universal. Although there’s very little known about the film at this time — there’s no director for instance — Ed Solomon, best known for Men in Black and Now You See Me, is rumored to be working on the script.

The classic 1933 film of The Invisible Man, based on the HG Wells novel, follows a scientist, who develops a chemical that turns him invisible, but in that state he is driven to madness and eventually ends up committing a series of murders.

How close to the original plot the new remake will stay is unknown. There’s a chance it could be an entirely new plot for the movie starring Depp.

Either way, The Invisible Man has a star attached and it looks like this will be one of the first movies resurrected in Universal’s relaunch of the famous monsters from the early 1900’s.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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