Lea Seydoux Expected to Land Lead Actress Role in Gambit

French actress Lea Seydoux is expected to land the lead role opposite Channing Tatum in the new Gambit movie….

Lea Seydoux — a French actress with a part in the upcoming James Bond sequel Spectre — is expected to land the leading role opposite Channing Tatum in the upcoming Gambit movie based on the character from the X-Men universe.

Seydoux was one of the finalists in line to possibly land the role as of a few days ago, but once the competition dwindled, the offer finally landed in her lap.

Seydoux is expected to play Belladonna Boudreaux, who in the comic book universe grew up with Remy LeBeau (Gambit) before the two were promised to be married to each other to try and settle the peace between two warring factions in New Orleans.

It’s unknown for now how Seydoux’s version of Belladonna will play into the Gambit movie, but this will be an origin story so the writers could keep a similar background for the two characters to meet in the film as well.

Gambit opens in theaters on October 7, 2016.

H/T: Deadline

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