Listen to Television’s Most Wanted Podcast Debut Episode

From the team that brought you Charming’s Most Wanted comes Television’s Most Wanted – the definitive podcast with everything you need to know about your favorite TV shows….

Listen to the debut episode of the new podcast ‘Television’s Most Wanted’ with hosts Damon Martin and Michael Stets — the same team that created ‘Charming’s Most Wanted’, the definitive Sons of Anarchy podcast.

On the debut episode, Damon and Stets will talk about the ‘Mad Men’ finale (no spoilers because neither have actually seen the show) along with discussion about this week’s controversial ‘Game of Thrones’ episode as well as a look at the new limited FOX series ‘Wayward Pines’.

All this and more on the premiere episode of ‘Television’s Most Wanted’! Listen below via Soundcloud or download and subscribe on iTunes

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