‘Logan’: Stephen Merchant Confirmed as Caliban for Wolverine Sequel (PHOTO)

Add another famous mutant to ‘Logan’ as Stephen Merchant’s character has been revealed for the third Wolverine movie…

There were a ton of secrets surrounding the third film in the Wolverine series, but in recent weeks the information about the movie has been revealed in rapid fire fashion.

The latest revelation surrounds rumors that Caliban — a famous mutant from the X-Men comics — would be showing up in ‘Logan’ and now we’ve got confirmation.

‘Logan’ director James Mangold sent out a photo of Stephen Merchant as the famous villain with his albino skin against a black back drop.

Later the same day, Merchant also released a photo with the caption ‘how I spent my summer’ with a more ominous look at his character, Caliban.

How I spent my summer

A photo posted by Stephen Merchant (@stephenmerchant) on

Caliban is a character who first appeared in ‘Uncanny X-Men’ No. 148 in 1981. Caliban’s mutant ability allows him to find other mutants, which could be a useful power considering in the future where ‘Logan’ takes place, most of the mutant population has been wiped out. How Caliban plays into the film remains a mystery although he was almost always at odds with the X-Men during his appearances in the comics.

‘Logan’ will be released in theaters on March 3, 2017 and it will mark the final time for Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine.

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