‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Trailer Features Harlem’s Hero Meeting His Match (VIDEO)

The new full length trailer for Luke Cage season 2 has arrived ahead of the show’s release on June 22 on Netflix…

Luke Cage will return on June 22 on Netflix and by the look of things he’s got some new enemies in Harlem.

After wiping out the crime syndicate that was running Harlem during season one, Luke Cage is now advertising the fact that he’s roaming the streets and stopping trouble wherever it lurks.

Unfortunately not even Luke is ready when he faces somebody whose punches don’t bounce off his unbreakable skin.

By the look of things there’s a new bad guy in town named the Bushmaster who can has the same kind of powers as Luke and he’s gunning to take over Harlem. Add to that, Mariah Dillard and her second in command Shades are setting up shop in Cottonmouth’s old digs so that power play is far from finished as well.

Plus we get our first look at Misty Knight’s new mechanical arm!

Check out the first full length trailer for Luke Cage season 2 ahead of the release on June 22 on Netflix.

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