‘The Walking Dead’ Promotes Two Actors to Series Regulars Ahead of Season 9

The Walking Dead may have lost a few characters during season 8 but two new cast members have been upped to regular status for season 9…

The Walking Dead season 8 ended with at least one original cast member saying goodbye — RIP Carl Grimes — and several others being wiped out during the all out war that saw Rick’s survivors finally defeat Negan and the Saviors.

With a few spots now open on the casting list, The Walking Dead has upped two actors to series regular status ahead of season 9, which began filming last week in Atlanta.

Avi Nash — who plays Siddiq, the refugee brought into the camp after Carl sacrificed himself to save the newest addition to the Alexandria community — will play a much bigger role as a series regular in season 9.

Callan McAuliffe — who plays former Savior turned survivor Alden — has also been upped to series regular status for The Walking Dead as well. Alden befriended Maggie during his tenure as a prisoner during a big part of season 8 before proving himself as an asset during the war with hopes of contributing even more now that the fighting is over.

The Walking Dead is currently filming season 9 with the show expected to debut on AMC in October.

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