‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Cucaracha/K’uruch’: Running with the Devil

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, Adelita reveals her real agenda, EZ runs into the cops and Lincoln Potter prepares to strike back…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

There was a lot to unpack in the seventh episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ that aired on Tuesday night.

All season long the narrative for the series has been an ongoing war between the Galindo cartel and Los Olvidados, the rebel group looking to take them down with the Mayans Motorcycle Club Santo Padre charter getting caught in the middle.

Fresh out of prison prospect EZ Reyes has been secretly feeding info to the DEA as part of his deal to get released while he’s also working alongside his brother and a couple of other rogue members who have been assisting the rebels in their fight against the cartel.

This week saw a dramatic shift in the power structure with Adelita traveling to the United States to handle an old grudge and then making a visit to the border where she sat down with Miguel Galindo for the first time.

Meanwhile, an over zealous DEA boss was ready to pull EZ’s deal and get him busted back to prison but his handler had other ideas — the kind that recently arrived U.S. assistant district attorney Lincoln Potter could use in his attempts to bring down the Galindo cartel.

And Felipe Reyes is about to watch all of the secrets he’s been keeping from his sons explode in his face as his past comes back to haunt him.

That doesn’t even mention the brutal death that capped off the episode as Coco was forced to choose between his mother and daughter in an ongoing family feud that got rather bloody.

With that said, let’s recap everything that happened in the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Cucuracha/K’uruch’…

The Back Stabbers

In the wake of EZ finding out that Bishop and much of the hierarchy in the club suspect Coco could be the rat who has been feeding inside information to the rebels, Angel orchestrates a plan to get the heat off of them and onto another member instead.

Angel asks for a sit down with Bishop where he explains his secrecy lately — and he proceeds to tell them about the underground tunnels they discovered when giving chase to Dennis, the white supremacist and amateur border patrolman who they killed a few weeks back. Angel explains that the tunnels led to an opening at Vicki’s brothel — the business than club member Riz has been running.

Meanwhile, Coco gets the club to look the other way in regards to his loyalty when he brings his daughter Leticia to the clubhouse and introduces her to the rest of the members. When Chucky confirms to Bishop that Leticia was the girl he saw Coco with a couple of weeks ago, his suspicions about coordinating secret meetings with a rebel leader named Adelita are subsided.

The club also finds out about Miguel Galindo being detained at the border after going to pick up his son as part of the ransom exchange with the rebels and the Mayans need some firepower just in case a situation arises nearby. That means the Mayans are headed for a meeting with the local Sons of Anarchy charter to get some hardware but they leave Riz behind just in case Galindo’s people call for assistance.

Obviously, Bishop now has his eyes on Riz as the potential rat with his suspicions put to rest on Angel and Coco.

Meanwhile, Angel teams up with his brother EZ on a whole different kind of run. They pick up Adelita at their secret tunnel crossing and bring her into the United States. She’s got work to do on this side of the border but neither Angel or EZ are privy to what she’s doing.

When they eventually find out, the relationship between the Mayans faction and the rebels might just change forever.

And finally there’s Agent Kevin Jimenez, who is still strung out after his encounter with Felipe Reyes and the threat against his family. Jimenez has promised to keep EZ out of trouble but as he arrives at the office with plans to hand over another package later that day, his boss named Bowen has already decided to pull the deal that was on the table and have the ex-con turned informant picked up by local police.

Bowen then throws Jimenez off the case entirely.

Jimenez is irate that Bowen would throw away a confidential informant who has been feeding them good intelligence not to mention blowing his cover would almost certainly end with EZ being killed. Still, Bowen has his orders and he’s putting an end to EZ’s deal with the DEA.

Sins of the Father

Felipe returns home and finds that his wife’s urn is missing and when he turns to the dining room, he finds Adelita there with her ashes and a gun on the table.

Adelita goes onto tell Felipe about the fate her family suffered at the hands of the Galindo cartel. While she hid in a heating vent, her father had to watch her mother and little brother get butchered by the cartel before he was decapitated at the end of the brutal affair. It seems Adelita’s father had worked for the cartel through the Mexican government and after leaving his job to start a new life, his old partner sold him out.

It seems Adelita’s father Pedro was the other man in the photo that Felipe Reyes showed a few weeks back when he revealed his previous work in Mexico.

It seems Felipe and Pedro where part of the hit squad that worked for the Federales but covertly were employed by the Mexican cartels. They carried out all manner of atrocities including the photo that he had showing them standing over top of a few severed heads. Adelita had that same photo but the bottom had been torn off so she had no idea the kinds of things her father had done in his previous life.

Felipe then tells Adelita that he got out ahead of Pedro after his wife got pregnant with Angel and it was the third person in their group — the guy behind the camera in all of those photos — who got him a new identification and sent him to the United States to start a new life.

It turns out the person taking the photos was a priest named Rodrigo — and he was the one who helped Felipe start a new life and may have done the same for Pedro. He also may have been the person responsible for selling him out to the cartel and getting his entire family killed.

One more thing — Rodrigo is now a bishop and he’s the same priest we saw working with Adelita and her rebels several weeks ago. Adelita vomits after realizing that she’s been sharing secrets and working with the man who may have very well played a part in her family being slaughtered.

While Adelita showed up there for vengeance, she left with a clear head about who her father really was and who may have been responsible for his death. As for Felipe, he leaves out all of the information related to his true name, grabs a couple of guns and hits the road.

Who he’s going to see, we don’t know but Felipe is on a mission. Perhaps he’s on his way to see a priest…

Be On the Lookout

EZ accompanies the rest of the club to the meet with the Sons of Anarchy for the gun purchase when he gets a frantic message from Agent Jimenez. He tells EZ that his boss is pulling the deal and that the local cops will be looking for him. Jimenez instructs EZ to keep his cool as he attempts to fix this problem but try to avoid the cops because if he gets pulled over, his cover with the club will undoubtedly be blown.

EZ passes along the information that Galindo had been detained at the border but nobody seems to know why and his lawyers haven’t been able to get him released.

With that, EZ packs up with the rest of the club and they head back to Santo Padre. Along the way a cop car spots EZ and his bike, which leads to a call for backup and a pursuit on the highway to pull over the entire motorcycle club.

Bishop and the other members believe this is just a routine stop but EZ knows better so when the cops show up, he taunts them, kicks a door and rides off so they will chase him. The cops turn to go after EZ, which allows the club to leave with their guns in tow without being searched. They believe EZ was just making a ballsy move to prevent the club from getting into trouble with the cops but the was doing his best to maintain his cover with the DEA as instructed by Jimenez.

When EZ finally runs into a roadblock, he stops and the cops issue him a rather vicious beat down for his troubles.

As for Jimenez, he follows his boss to a secret location where Bowen has been working alongside the assistant U.S. district attorney Lincoln Potter in his sting operation to bring down the Galindo cartel. Lincoln doesn’t seem to care much for Bowen, who can’t even be bothered to remember the five digit pass code that lets him into their war room.

That’s when Jimenez storms into the meeting unannounced with information that Lincoln would want from his informant.

He tells Lincoln that thanks to the information he just received from EZ Reyes, he found out that Miguel Galindo has been detained at the border for the past 18 hours but he has made no calls and his lawyers have been unable to reach him. Lincoln confirms that Miguel has fallen off the grid, which means something else is at play here and they need to find out who has Galindo and why he’s been detained.

With that bit of information, Lincoln decides to lift the arrest order on EZ Reyes and put him back on the team as an informant.

Jimenez is pleased that he kept EZ’s cover in tact even if his own career is seemingly in shambles as he continues to make reckless decisions.

All in the Family


After Coco introduced his daughter to the club, he promises to make things right for Leticia after being an absentee parent for her entire life. He returns her to live with his mother in hopes that he can keep them civilized towards each other long enough until he can set Leticia up with her own place.

Of course, Coco’s mother is not very happy considering her car got stolen and when the cops found it, there was a dead body in the trunk. Coco promises to get her a new car but his mother continues with the not so veiled threats by saying that she’ll go back to the cops and explain it was her son that stole the car and with his prior record, he’ll go directly to prison.

As irate as she is, Coco believes his mother won’t turn him in and he leaves Leticia there with her. He also hands her a pile of cash so she won’t have to ask for anything from grandma while she’s staying there.

The second Coco leaves, his mother steals the money away from Leticia and tells her to get back onto the street to earn her way because nothing is going to be handed to her from now on. Leticia is so upset that she goes into the bathroom and smashes her face into the toilet, causing several nasty cuts on her face.

Later that day, Leticia arrives back at the clubhouse after calling Chucky to come pick her up. She’s covered in cuts, bruises and blood and Coco is livid after seeing his daughter in this condition.

Convinced that his mother was to blame, Coco breaks into her apartment where his mother is taking a bath and rather than having any kind of conversation, he immediately punches her. She’s sent flailing backwards into the tub and Coco follows up by holding her head under the water until his mother expires.

Coco abandoned his daughter her entire life but he was determined to protect her now — even if his mother actually didn’t do anything to her this time. Either way, Coco has now killed his own mother in defense of his daughter.

Running with the Devil

Down at the border, Miguel is finding out how the other half lives as he’s locked in a cell with several other detainees as he gets urine splashed on him and another inmate threatening to steal his shirt. Miguel finally fights back, killing that inmate while still awaiting any word about when he might get released.

Finally, Miguel is removed from the holding cell and brought down into a basement where he meets the person responsible for his arrest.

Adelita reveals herself to Miguel and he recognizes her as the person who has been leading Los Olvidados against him. Adelita then tells Miguel how the cartel was responsible for butchering her entire family and she shows him a video feed with several of his poppy fields, a warehouse and distribution center where his heroin is made, bagged and then shipped.

A second later, all four locations are in flames courtesy of Los Olvidados.

Miguel almost laughs in her face because this attack will only be a blip on the radar for his bigger business because he has thousands of poppy fields, dozens of warehouses and shipping facilities. Adelita then shows him another video feed where the rebels have staked out all of the cartel’s facilities.

That’s when things take a shocking turn.

Adelita professes that even with 2000 strong members of Los Olvidados, destroying the Galindo cartel wouldn’t ultimately help the people in Mexico who need it the most and another cartel would just spring up to take their place. So rather than kill the Galindo cartel, Los Olvidados will become partners with them and in return they will receive a piece of the profits.

In exchange, Los Olvidados will act as the eyes and ears of the cartel in Mexico while Galindo will promise to help funnel some of the money he’s making back into the schools, hospitals and other places where the people who need it the most will benefit. Adelita knows there’s no way to defeat the devil — but perhaps by making a deal with the devil she can find a way to help her people at home.

Miguel is obviously skeptical that this relationship could even work but Adelita promises to earn his trust over time. She reveals her real name as a start — Luisa Espina — and then says that a third party should probably act as a mediator between the rebels and the cartel until trust has been earned.

While she doesn’t say it, the Mayans would certainly seem to be the perfect third party to stand between the cartel and the rebels but it’s not clear how well Angel will take the news that Adelita has been planning this course of action all along.

After the meeting is finished, Miguel is freed along with his son and they return home to reunite with Emily and the rest of his family.

As for EZ, he returns to the clubhouse fresh from his police battery and while some of the guys are impressed by his move to draw the cops away from the group carrying illegal guns, Bishop is much angrier than he tried that in the first place. Bishop warns EZ that these kinds of moves will eventually get him killed and he’s already working with one strike against him.

Following the meeting, Riz decides to go back to the brothel, which raises Bishop’s eyebrows after finding out that his fellow member has been keeping a tunnel between Mexico and the U.S. secret from them.

Bishop and the rest of the guys decide to follow Riz to his brothel and they find him in the storm cellar with a family being brought out of the tunnel. He’s shocked to see them there but we still don’t know exactly what he’s doing with this secret tunnel that was kept from his club.

EZ finishes his day by going to see his father but when he arrives, Felipe is nowhere to be found. What EZ does discover, however, is the box that his father has kept hidden from him all his life. He finds the birth certificate that reads ‘Ignacio Cortez’ and EZ finally figures out that his father has been keeping a lot of secrets from him.

And finally, Miguel is happy to be home with his son and wife but in the midst of the reunion, all of the lights in the house go off. Miguel sends his men to investigate and Emily is scared that something awful is about to befall her family just after getting her son back.

After Miguel, Devante and his hit squad leader Nestor all go outside and fail to return, Emily decides to wander out to see what happened.

When she walks through the front door, she’s met by a barrage of bright, flashing lights and a cavalcade of Federal agents who have put her husband and his entire organization under arrest. Emily then turns to meet Lincoln Potter for the first time.

He introduces himself and he already knows Emily’s name because she’s been on his war room board for quite some time. It seems Lincoln was the person who came up with the idea to flip Emily against her husband and if EZ Reyes won’t deliver, then maybe he’ll make good on an offer to save her life in exchange for putting Miguel in prison.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.



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