‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Tohil’: All Debts Paid

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, Bishop and the Mayans have to clean up some trouble in their own backyard while EZ is haunted by a deadly meeting…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Felipe Reyes has been keeping a lot of secrets from his children.

It took EZ digging around his father’s belongings to discover their family name was actually ‘Cortina’ and his father came to the United States before assuming a new identity. This week saw Angel Reyes confront his dad about his past but not quite in the way anyone would have expected.

Instead in the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’, Angel gets some one on one time with Felipe when he finally reveals that he’s about to become a father himself yet he may never get the chance to even meet his child because the mother is being held by the U.S. government after she led a rebellion in Mexico.

If that wasn’t messy enough when Angel tells his father that the woman carrying his baby is named Luisa and that she was the leader of the Los Olvidados rebels, Felipe answers back telling him he already knows her.

Last season Adelita — whose real name is Luisa Espina — came to visit Felipe with a plan to kill him for the atrocities carried out upon her father when they were working for Jose Galindo., As it turns out, Felipe was already gone before Luisa’s family was butchered but he understood her thirst for revenge.

In the present day, Felipe drops all mystery and comes right out to tell his son about their meeting while also divulging his previous job as a cop on Jose Galindo’s payroll. He also tells Angel that it was his mother’s pregnancy with him that finally convinced them they had to get out of the bloodbath happening in Mexico if they wanted a real chance to start a family.

Felipe did omit one bit of information — the fact that he was having an affair with Jose Galindo’s wife — but at least he finally came clean with Angel about something.

Of course knowing any part of Felipe’s past will only serve to further complicate things with Angel and EZ down the line as they continue to search for answers in the murder of their mother nearly a decade ago. Still, Angel was able to talk honestly with his father for the first time in forever and that bond will be important as he tries to navigate his new profession as a father.

With that said, let’s get to our full recap of the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Tohil’…

The Ties That Bind

After paying a visit to Marlin — the corrupt assistant to an already corrupt city planner — that ended with him dead, EZ wakes up the next day haunted by what happened. He was asked to pay Marlin a visit at the request of his ex-girlfriend Emily, who has been pressuring the local government to steer a bid her way as she attempts to further legitimize her husband’s businesses in the United States with an agro-park planned for Santo Padre.

Unfortunately, Emily found out that even with the last name Galindo, local politicians don’t come cheap so she’s been forced to get her hands dirty in a deal that was supposed to clean up her husband’s reputation.

When EZ showed up to visit Marlin, he was just trying to convince him to confess to taking a bribe from a Chinese conglomerate who bribed him to make sure they put in the winning bid. Instead, Marlin pulled a gun, which ultimately went off and EZ was forced to stage the scene to make it appear to be a suicide.

Still, EZ is haunted by what happened and he obviously can’t tell anybody what he did for Emily or it might get them both killed.

Meanwhile, Coco is spending some time with his daughter Letty, who returned this week, only to discover she was recently roughed up by a rival motorcycle club who have been acting as coyotes to bring people across the U.S.-Mexican border at a substantial rate. Letty’s friend Gabby made it across but now her mother and sister are being held by the M.C. with threats to either pay the fee they now claim is owed or her family will be sent back to Mexico in pieces.

When Letty name dropped her father as a Mayan, these rival bikers didn’t even blink and to make matters worse, they actually laughed at her.

Back at the clubhouse, EZ manages to get in some flirting time with Letty’s friend Gabby while the rest of the Mayans gather for church to discuss the problem with the other M.C. stepping on their turf.

Coco explained what happened while name dropping a group known as ‘Vatos Malditos’ (The Damn Dudes), who are an M.C. that runs Tijuana south of the border but now they’ve crossed over into the United States and they’re conducting a human trafficking business in the Mayans’ backyard.

Bishop is none too happy about the news but to make matters worse, he’s feeling bad that the Mayans have been so focused on handling Galindo’s problems that they’ve stopped keeping a watchful eye over their own hometown. Bishop aims to rectify that as the club heads out into town to search for the Vatos Maltidos’ safe house.

All Debts Paid

When the Mayans finally come upon the house where the Vatos are holding shop, Bishop orders the attack without a moment’s hesitation. Inside, the Mayans kill several members of the rival M.C. and rescue several people being held in locked rooms but none of them are Gabby’s mother or brother.

After executing the final member of the Vatos’, one of the people being held hostage tells the Mayans about a warehouse near the border where the Mexican M.C. keeps people who aren’t able to pay in cages while threatening them with death or return home if they don’t ante up the money owed.

The Mayans arrive before the Vatos are able to call in for additional support and a gun fight breaks out inside. Out gunned and out numbered, the Vatos decide to cut their losses but before leaving they put gasoline all over the warehouse in an attempt to murder the remaining prisoners being held inside.

Thankfully, EZ gets the drop on the last member of the Vatos and they are able to free all of the hostages without anybody being harmed. Obviously taking out several members of the Vatos will almost certainly cause blowback in the coming weeks but for now the Mayans have rooted out a problem that was festering in their own backyard.

Back at the clubhouse, Gabby is reunited with her mother and brother while Letty thanks her pops for helping to save her friend’s family. Before leaving, Gabby makes eyes at EZ, further hinting at that potential relationship down the road.

A Family Affair

Following news that Ileana’s assistant Marlin was found dead, Emily is shaken and her behavior is enough to alert Miguel that something is going on with his wife. She tries to reach out to EZ several times during the day to find out what happened but he’s not answering.

Finally, Emily and Miguel are summed into Mayor Pena’s office for a meeting where they learn some shocking news.

It seems Marlin’s death has been ruled a suicide after authorities found a mountain of debt hanging over his head as well as a series of emails that he sent out just before killing himself. In those emails, Marlin confessed to numerous misdeeds — the biggest was taking bribes from the Chinese consortium that was trying to buy their way into developing the agro-park.

With this information in hand, Mayor Pena had to disqualify the Chinese bid and the next in line would be Miguel Galindo and his lovely wife.

Emily is overjoyed to find out they will be able to develop the agro-park just like she wanted but Miguel can’t help but be suspicious about how this all happened. He questions his wife about Marlin’s death but she plays it off while reassuring him that they are in the clear after bribing Ileana to help them in a similar way.

Miguel still can’t be sure what Emily is keeping from him so he orders Nestor to keep track of every place she visits, 24 hours a day, and then report back to him.

Later that night, Emily is finally able to track down EZ but she tells her husband she’s been called for a meeting with Ileana at the city planner’s office. She arrives at the town hall but inside she has a rendezvous with EZ, who was told to meet her there.

EZ explains that Marlin pulled a gun on him and after fighting for his life, the weapon discharged and the assistant to the city plannere was shot dead. EZ made it look like a suicide while wiping any trace that he was ever in the home where the dead body was discovered.

Before leaving, EZ sent out a few emails on Marlin’s behalf confessing to all of his crimes, which then led to Emily getting the winning bid on the agro-park project. Emily thanks EZ for his help and adds that she would love to return the favor if he ever needs anything.

EZ decides to cash in that favor immediately by asking Emily for her assistance with something relating to his family. He then pulls out a folder that he had stashed away, which contained the wire transfer information related to the contract put out on his parents’ lives.

EZ knows the money came from Sonora, Mexico but he can’t be certain who ordered the hit and it appears he’s going to ask Emily to help him find out if the Galindo cartel is guilty or innocent in his mother’s death.

‘Mayans M.C.’ will return with a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET with a huge crossover planned as SAMCRO returns — including club president Filip “Chibs” Telford, who will appear for the first time since ‘Sons of Anarchy’ ended five years ago.

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