Mr. Robot Season 2 Trailer: The Revolution Will Be Televised (VIDEO)

Mr. Robot returns on July 13 but take a look at what has happened to the world since fsociety attacked in the season 2 trailer…

Anybody who watched Mr. Robot season one knows two things for certain.

This was one of the best shows of 2015 and it was a total mind fuck.

Now Mr. Robot is returning on July 13 to pick up the story where we left off as Elliot faces the reality that the man he knows as “Mr. Robot” is actually a figment of his imagination posing as his dead father and he’s actually been the mastermind behind fsociety — a hacker group that took down the financial institutions of the world in the first season finale.

Now as season two picks up, Elliott is still trying to remember what happened in the three days during the massive hack that he was completely blacked out and it looks like Evil Corp is still up to its maniacal ways despite the financial hit they took during the first season finale.

Take a look at the trailer and prepare for Mr. Robot season 2 on July 13 on USA

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