NASA Predicts What Our World Will Look Like In 2099

NASA scientists along with the top scientists in the fields of climate change have produced a model to predict what our world will look like in less than 100 years…

The topic of climate change is still somehow controversial despite the overwhelming majority of the scientific community all being on board with the idea that our world is changing at a rapid rate.

Recently, NASA scientists and climatologists got together to make a forecast model to predict what our world will look like over the next 87 years as we approach the year 2100.

The model takes into effect the current rate with which we are watching the polar ice caps melt and the overall temperature on the surface of the Earth continues to rise.

The video is a harsh reality but one our children and grandchildren may have to face.

Watch below and give your thoughts about the ever changing place we call Earth:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”465″ video_id=”JKR76x5IEIc”]

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