New ‘Alien’ Film Planned with Neill Blomkamp Directing

The ‘Alien’ franchise will officially come back to life under the watchful eye of ‘District 9’ and ‘Chappie’ director Neill Blomkamp…

While production on ‘Prometheus 2’ is still waiting to begin with writer and director Ridley Scott, the next film in the ‘Alien’ franchise has already been planned with director Neill Blomkamp at the helm.

‘Prometheus 2’ is expected to further the story from the first movie, which introduced the early stages of the creatures that would one day come to life as part of the ‘Alien’ series of films starring Sigourney Weaver.

Once that sequel is complete, a new ‘Alien’ film will launch with Blomkamp directing although there’s no timeframe on how long it will take for all this to develop.

Blomkamp confirmed his participation in the new film via Instagram on Thursday saying the new ‘Alien’ would officially be his next movie.

The ‘Alien’ franchise has continued to be one of the most popular science fiction film series of all time although the first ‘Prometheus’ movie was met with relatively negative reviews. With Scott involved for the sequel, perhaps he can inject new life into the film series considering his involvement and direction from the first movie back in 1979.

As for Blomkamp, his next movie titled ‘Chappie’ opens in theaters on March 6.

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