New Deadpool 2 Trailer Assembles X-Force for the First Time (VIDEO)

The new Deadpool 2 trailer has arrived with X-Force being assembled for the first time to fight Cable?

The latest Deadpool 2 trailer has arrived and it’s everything you hoped it could be.

For the first time we get a deeper sense of the storyline in this highly anticipated sequel as it appears Cable (Josh Brolin) is traveling back through time to search for a mutant, who he believes will bring about the end of times. In past versions of the character in the comics, Cable is out to save a mutant (Hope Summers) when he travels back to present day but it appears the new Deadpool sequel is doing a slight variation on that story.

With Cable being a formidable opponent, Deadpool begins recruiting his own mutant super team that includes Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Terry Crews taking on a new role (possibly Shatterstar) and several more before he names the team ‘X-Force’.

Now that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering FOX has already put plans into motion to make an X-Force movie with Drew Goddard (The Martin) set to write the script.

Who is the kid that Cable’s after?

There’s no word on that yet based on the trailer but it appears he has some sort of power that has Cable concerned enough that he’s forced to travel back in time to stop him.

In addition to that, Deadpool 2 features all the lewd, crude humor you’ve come to know and respect thanks to a franchise that comes from the same company that produced the nearly pornographic The Devil Wears Prada.

Check out the trailer for Deadpool 2 ahead of the film’s release on May 18.

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