New ‘Logan’ Trailer Show X-23 In Action (VIDEO)

The latest trailer for ‘Logan’ shows off his prodigy X-23 in action…

The newest and final Wolverine sequel titled ‘Logan’ will see Hugh Jackman star as the famed X-Men character for the last time and the film is already one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.

In fact, ‘Deadpool’ himself Ryan Reynolds has claimed that ‘Logan’ is so good that it should receive Academy Award nominations next year.

So the latest trailer for ‘Logan’ has been released with plenty of new footage including Wolverine’s prodigy X-23 in action for the first time. There’s still no detail on X-23’s relation to Logan and whether or not her origins will be something created specifically for the movie or similar to the comics (in those stories X-23 was a genetic clone of Logan’s)

Take a look at the new trailer for ‘Logan’ ahead of the release date on March 3. The main song featured in the trailer is ‘Way Down We Go” by Kaleo

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