New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer Reveals More About Mysterious Plot in Sequel Series (VIDEO)

A new trailer for ‘Watchmen’ has arrived with a deeper look at the world that exists after the events of the famous comic written by Alan Moore…

There are far more questions than answers regarding HBO’s new series ‘Watchmen’, which carries on the legacy of the iconic comic book series from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons but a new trailer has arrived with a few new pieces of information revealed.

What we know for certain is ‘Watchmen’ takes place years after the events in the comic book when Adrien Veidt aka Ozymandias orchestrated a fake alien invasion in order to stop a nuclear war from breaking out between the United States and Russia. His idea was the give the super powers a common enemy to battle against after hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered in the ‘alien attack’.

In this newest trailer we see Angela (played by Regina King) as a masked hero who is also a Tulsa police officer as she battles against a rogue group known as the ‘Seventh Kalvary’. This group is recognizable because they all wear masks similar to Rorschach — the former member of the Watchmen who was obliterated by Doctor Manhattan when he planned to expose Veidt’s plan as a hoax.

It appears the ‘Kalvary’ is attempting to start a war again, perhaps the battle that was supposed to ensue years earlier if Rorschach had been successful in his bid to expose Veidt for the massive conspiracy that left so many people dead.

Beyond that, details about ‘Watchmen’ remain sketchy at best but it’s well known that series creator Damon Lindelof holds the original graphic novel in very high regard so he likely took very good care when bringing this sequelized ‘remix’ to the small screen.

Check out the new trailer for ‘Watchmen’ and get ready for the series debut on HBO on Sunday night, October 20.

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