Next on Sons of Anarchy “The Separation of Crows”: When Evil Calls Your Name

Jax is confronted with some hard truths on the next episode of Sons of Anarchy “The Separation of Crows” debuting next Tuesday on FX…

Jax has to face some serious demons this week after one of his closest friends and vital club members was cut down by August Marks. He also has a heart to heart with Jury, the leader of the Indian Hills charter, who is likely the one that sold out SAMCRO to the Chinese a few weeks back.

Is he revealing the truth about John Teller’s death? Does Jax know he’s the one who leaked the truth to the Chinese?

Also it appears Marks’ crew isn’t done with separating more body parts from Bobby Munson before they are done with him. Check out the promo for the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy titled “The Separation of Crows”. The music in the trailer is “The Wicked” by Blues Saraceno, which you can hear on our Soundtrack to Sons of Anarchy season 7.

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