‘The OA’ Renewed for Season 2 on Netflix

The mysterious series ‘The OA’ will return for season 2 on Netflix…

There were a ton of unanswered questions remaining from the first season of ‘The OA’ so it seemed like a no brainer that Netflix would renew the series for a sophomore year.

That became official on Wednesday as Netflix announced ‘The OA’ season 2 ‘coming soon’ with the tagline ‘something always survives’.

Created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling and also starring Marling in the lead role, ‘The OA’ followed the return of Prairie Johnson to her home after going missing for seven years. When she left, Prairie was blind but she returns with her sight and an unwillingness to share with anybody close to her what exactly happened during her absence.

Instead, Prairie forms a circle of friends who she reveals tells the story in graphic detail over the course of the eight episode first season. When ‘The OA’ was finished, the ending left a lot of viewers puzzled about what they just saw.

Now ‘The OA’ will return for season 2 with plenty of answers and probably even more mysteries.

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