Orange is the New Black Season 4 Trailer: What We Know So Far (VIDEO)

The new trailer for Orange is the New Black season 4 debuted on Tuesday and here’s what we know about the upcoming season….

Orange is the New Black will debut on Netflix on June 17 but the first full length trailer was just released and we’ve got a full breakdown of what we learned in video. First things first, check out the trailer below and then we’ll get into the details.

— Taystee got a new job as Caputo’s assistant/secretary, which makes some of the other prisoners feel like she has some power now.

— “It’s sardine time, bitches” — now that Litchfield has been turned into a for profit prison, the goal is to stuff as many inmates into the facility as possible to make maximum amounts of money. From the look of things, it’s getting crowded and there are going to be a lot of new faces in the cast this season

— Martha Stewart-esque star Judy King is now part of the inmate list at Litchfield and it looks like she’s going to have quite an impact on the ladies this season

— New inmates mean new guards and from the look of things, these folks are going to be treating the prisoners with a lot more authority than the previous staff. It looks like things are getting rough inside Litchfield.

— Alex Vause isn’t seen in the trailer, which is likely on purpose after her greenhouse showdown with the drug runners she believed were after her all season long, but we do hear her voice at one point as she talks to Red.

Alex: “Can you keep a secret?”
Red: “I love secrets”

— Caputo is still feeling guilty over the way he treated Sophia last season but from the look of the trailer, she’s still locked up in solitary as we kick things off in season 4.

— Maria confronts Piper and says “I am going to bury you” — it looks like after her prison pantie line became a hit last season and Piper became a shot caller inside the prison, she’s making her fair share of enemies these days. What she did to piss off Maria is unknown but it’s clear these two are not getting along.

— Red looks like she’s having an issue with one of the new guards and that showdown will be brewing this season

— The SWAT team shows up at some point this season and from the trailer it appears things are getting volatile inside the prison as space is running short and tempers are running hot.

— At some point during the season, Crazy Eyes ends up in the infirmary being treated for something, which never sounds good.

— Two cast members still missing during the trailer (besides Alex) are Nicky, who hasn’t appeared since early in season 3 after she was taken away for heroin possession and put into solitary. Also absent is Ruby Rose, who was also taken away in the season finale after Piper planted contraband in her room after she betrayed her and stole the money made on the pantie selling business. There was no word that Rose would return in season 4 and from the look of the trailer (at least for now) she doesn’t seem to be making a return appearance.

— Just judging by the short trailer that we’ve received, Orange is the New Black season 4 looks like the most serious string of episodes we’ve had yet during this show’s run. There certainly isn’t a lot of comedy in this initial trailer although Orange is the New Black always finds a way to be funny along the way.

— The song featured in the trailer is “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo

Orange is the New Black returns on Netflix on June 17

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