Oscar Winner Anthony Hopkins Cast in J.J. Abrams’ New HBO Series ‘Westworld’

In one of the biggest announcements of casting news, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins has been added to the cast of J.J. Abrams new show ‘Westworld’…

Anthony Hopkins — best known for iconic roles like playing Hannibal Lector in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ — has joined J.J. Abrams new series ‘Westworld’ in the lead role as Dr. Robert Ford, the man responsible for creating a theme park with robots who eventually go haywire and start killing the patrons.

The series is based on the original 1973 movie by Michael Crichton (who used much of this same plot for another famous story he wrote – Jurassic Park)

Evan Rachel Wood has also been cast in the pilot episode where she will play Dolores Abernathy — ‘a sweet, Midwestern farm girl who has a very rude awakening in the series’.

‘Westworld’ is only ordered as far as a pilot at HBO thus far, but considering what a coup it is to land an actor of Hopkins’ distinction to the cast, it’s hard to imagine this show won’t get picked up for a full season run at HBO.

Abrams is executive producing the series along with Jerry Weintraub, Bryan Burk, and Jonathan Nolan.

H/T: EW.com

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