‘Outcast’ Cancelled at Cinemax, Comic Book Also Coming to An End Soon

Robert Kirkman’s other TV show ‘Outcast’ has officially been cancelled at Showtime and the comic book it’s based on will also be ending soon…

‘Outcast’ will soon be no more.

This week marked a pair of endings for the TV series and the comic book from creator Robert Kirkman, who is best known for his work on ‘The Walking Dead’.

First things first, ‘Outcast’ was cancelled by Cinemax after two seasons but that was already expected.

The series was well received during season 1 and a second season was ordered after only a few episodes had aired. Unfortunately, the ratings for ‘Outcast’ continued to slide and season 2 was released internationally almost a year before the series finally returned to air on Cinemax.

The options on the actors working on the show had already expired so it’s no a surprise that Cinemax finally pulled the plug on ‘Outcast’ after two seasons.

Meanwhile, Kirkman also announced this week that he plans to bring the ‘Outcast’ comic book series to an end with 48 total issues. The final 12-issue arc will kick off in December with an ending that Kirkman has had in mind before the first issue of ‘Outcast’ had even been released.

“It’s been a long road getting here–but I’ve said since the beginning Outcast was the first series I started where I had the ending planned before we began,” Kirkman said in a press release. “We’ve been building to what’s coming since the very first issue and it’s great to finally be at the point where we can tell this final epic storyline! Working with Paul [Azaceta] has been an absolute thrill and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve done together over what will be a five year journey.”

The final arc on ‘Outcast’ will be called ‘Last Days’ with the first issue out of the 12 coming to comic book stores on Dec. 19.

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