President Obama to Introduce First Episode of ‘Cosmos’ on FOX

In celebration of the relaunch of Cosmos on FOX, President Barack Obama has decided to introduce the first episode on Sunday night…

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos was a revolutionary type of science program that reached masses of people that may have never otherwise saw a show of that type, and now FOX hopes to recapture the magic with a new 13 part series debuting on Sunday night hosted by rock star astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

FOX is going all out for the debut episode because episode one of Cosmos will air across 10 different networks owned by News Corp including FOX, FX, FOX Sports, and the National Geographic Channel.

To up the ante even more, President Barack Obama will appear at the opening of the first episode to welcome viewers from around the world watching the historic return of Cosmos.

The inspirational and educational show debuts on Sunday night at 9pm ET on FOX and nine other networks as well so check your local listings.

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