Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Latest on ‘Deadpool 2’

‘Deadpool 2’ will go into production soon according to star Ryan Reynolds who also gave an update on casting…

There may not be a more highly anticipated sequel in the realm of comic book movies than the forthcoming ‘Deadpool 2’ starring Ryan Reynolds.

The original film was the breakout hit of 2016 scoring more than $700 million at the box office worldwide after spending a paltry $58 million to make. It obviously didn’t take long for 21st Century FOX to green light the sequel, but ‘Deadpool 2’ has endured a little bit of drama during the early stages of production.

Director Tim Miller, who led the first ‘Deadpool’ movie, left the sequel after reported ‘creative differences’ with Reynolds while they were starting to put the pieces together for the new film.

Reynolds had nothing but good things to say about Miller in a recent interview with EW, which is the first time he’s publicly addressed the subject since the split happened.

“There is not a human being on earth that worked harder on ‘Deadpool’ than Tim,” Reynolds said. “He’s an incredibly, incredibly talented director.”

Rumors surfaced that the differences between Miller and Reynolds came down to the creative vision for the sequel. According to sources, Miller wanted to make ‘Deadpool 2’ a much bigger production than the first film while Reynolds wanted to maintain the same gritty feel as the original.

With Miller gone, ‘Deadpool 2’ added David Leitch — best known for his work on the surprise action flick hit ‘John Wick’ — and Reynolds sounds very excited to begin work with him when production starts in 2017.

“He’s just a guy who’s so muscular with his action. He also really understands those ‘Deadpool’ sensibilities and where we need to take the franchise from here. And I love ‘John Wick’,” Reynolds said.
“One of the things that David Leitch does that very few filmmakers can do these days is they can make a movie on an ultra tight minimal budget look like it was shot for 10-15 times what it cost.”

Executive director Simon Kinberg essentially confirmed the rumors about why Miller ultimately left ‘Deadpool 2’ while he was speaking about the look and feel of the sequel under Leitch’s direction.

“The goal for us when we sat down and started talking about it was it needs to be as provocative and startling as the first film which means it can’t just be a continuation of the first film,” Kinberg said. “It has tonally and stylistically be as fresh and original. That’s a big challenge especially because they had 10 years to gestate on the first movie and we don’t have that kind of time on the second movie.
“That’s the biggest mandate going into on the second film: to not make it bigger. We have to resist the temptation to make it bigger in scale and scope, which is normally what you do when you have a surprise hit movie. But actually stay true to the tenets of it’s the tone and the style and the humor that make it so special — it’s not the explosions and the special effects.”

As far as what comes next, Reynolds says that they are currently casting actors to play Cable while adding “we’re also looking at” adding Domino — another famous mutant from the ‘Deadpool’ and ‘X-Force’ canon.

There’s no timeline on when ‘Deadpool 2’ will officially start filming but Reynolds sounds confident that it will happen sooner rather than later after 2017 begins.

“We’re just in the development stage but we’re about to move into production,” Reynolds added.

As of now, Reynolds is the only confirmed cast member to return for ‘Deadpool 2’ but it’s likely many of the same faces from the original movie will return for the sequel, especially considering the movie will get a much bigger budget than the original.

Look for ‘Deadpool 2’ to land in theaters sometime in 2018.

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