‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Blood Drive’: The Green Meanie Revealed

In the latest ‘Scream Queens’ recap, Chanel fights for a grand prize, Hester tries to cure a vampire and the Green Meanie is finally revealed, well sort of…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It wouldn’t be ‘Scream Queens’ without a couple of twists and turns before finding out who is the killer hiding behind the Green Meanie mask.

The latest episode revealed one killer — a revelation that was already sort of made a week ago — while another staff member joined the team with revenge on her mind as well.

But it turns out there is a third Green Meanie who has been lurking the halls of the CURE Institute offing patients at an alarming rate. We know the motive for the first Green Meanie — his father was killed by the hapless doctors who used to run the hospital — and we now know the motive for the newest Green Meanie as well — revenge for her sister but what is driving the third killer?

That’s a mystery still to be discovered.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘Blood Drive’…

A History of Hoffel

This week we learned more about Nurse Ingrid Hoffel, who joined the hospital as the chief administrator but really she only got hired while seeking sweet revenge. It turns out Nurse Hoffel’s maiden name is Bean — and her sister was Agatha Bean — the maid who had her face fried off by Chanel No. 1 in the debut of ‘Scream Queens’ season one.

It seems Nurse Hoffel has been hunting down the Chanels ever since they got out of the mental institution and now she’s playing the long game to get revenge on all of them through the hospital. Of course, Nurse Hoffel admits that she hasn’t killed anyone yet but she’s setting a trap to eliminate the Chanels once and for all.

Her plan comes to fruition when Dean Munsch reveals that the hospital is woefully low on blood supplies and needs fresh reserves. Chanel No. 1 suggests a blood drive and that gives Nurse Hoffel the opening she needs.

Nurse Hoffel turns the blood drive into a contest with the winner getting an all expense paid trip to Blood Island! Of course, Blood Island earned its nickname because it’s a deadly place filled with all sorts of venomous creatures not to mention two warring countries who are both constantly fighting over the land and killing anyone who shows up there without permission.

None of that matters to Chanel, who wants to win the contest so she can run away for the week with Dr. Brock Holt. Before he’ll run away with her, Brock insists that Chanel get an STD test because she’s not always the most cautious girl in the world and he’d rather not have to triple wrap it before getting it on with her.

Are You Positive?

With the blood drive ongoing, Zayday hatches a plan to narrow down the suspects inside the hospital with her own investigation. She devises that Jane Hollis — the wife of the patient who was murdered there 30 years ago and mother to a baby who everyone believes is the killer — would have at least part of the same blood type as the Green Meanie.

Unfortunately, Zayday can’t get a sample from Ms. Hollis, but her old pal Chamberlin manages to get the job done with a little game of deception. Chamberlin also manages to find the patient records that reveals her husband’s blood type as well.

It turns out they both had O-positive blood, which means their child would have the exact same blood type.

With A-B blood type, Chamberlin is finally cleared of suspicion by Zayday but that still doesn’t reveal who the real killer inside the hospital could be!

Douchey Vampire Wannabe



Hester is getting rather bored just hanging out in the Chanel’s apartment and when she has too much free time on her hands, she just wants to murder someone. Rather than allow her to pick up her old habit of killing people, Chanel reveals to Dean Munsch that she’s been hiding Hester in their apartment for weeks now.

Rather than turn her in, Dean Munsch decides to avoid any more undue attention to the hospital by putting Hester to work. She hands over a patient, who is convinced that he’s a vampire, and if Hester can cure him she can stay. If she can’t, Hester is going back into the jail cell for the rest of her life.

Thankfully, Hester figures out exactly what’s wrong with the guy when it comes to his sensitivity to sunlight and why he has protruding fangs. Those can’t be fixed unfortunately but what Hester can do is cure him of his desire to drink blood. She decides to use a course of “aversion therapy” which means feeding this guy as much blood as possible until he simply can’t drink anymore.

All the STD’s

When Chanel’s test results are return, it seems she’s been stricken with every sexually transmitted disease known to man and even a few we’ve never heard of before. That puts her relationship with Brock on ice but it only infuriates Chanel even more when Dean Munsch knocks her out of the blood drive contest with all her previous results voided thanks to the tainted blood she already donated.

Chanel is heartbroken but not defeated.

She starts collecting even more blood — nearly draining poor Chanel No. 5 dry — before stealing a bunch more blood from a plasma collection center. It’s still not enough, however, so Chanel forces Chanel No. 9, who is deathly afraid of needles, to donate to her cause. She leaves the room to go chat with Dr. Holt when the Green Meanie makes an appearance.

At the same time, Nurse Hoffel also walks into the room and commends the Green Meanie on a job well done and now she wants to join the cause as well. When the Green Meanie takes off his mask it’s none other than Dr. Cassidy Cascade!

He’s Jane Hollis’ son, who has been on a mission of revenge ever since he found out what happened to his father in this terrible hospital. Cassidy also reveals one more thing — he’s not the only Green Meanie wandering these halls. There’s another killing knocking off some of these patients. No need to investigate that, however, because now he’s got a new teammate in Nurse Hoffel to help him knock off everybody including the Chanels.

The Cure


When Chanel returns to check on Chanel No. 9 it seems the Green Meanie and Nurse Hoffel have hooked her up to dozens of blood bags, which have now drained her completely dry. As horrifying as that might be, it also means Chanel has collected enough blood to win the contest!

Add to that, Hester discovered that Chanel’s blood was never tainted with STD’s in the first place, which pointed the finger directly at Dean Munsch for perpetrating the switch on her test results. None of that matters for now because Chanel won and she’s ready to go on a long vacation to Blood Island with Dr. Brock Holt. Unfortunately, her dream vacation ends abruptly when Chanel discovers that the flight is only commercial and Oberlin’s don’t fly anything but private.

Nurse Hoffel is crushed because she set this whole thing up so the Chanel’s would die, but alas they are still alive.

To make matters worse, Zayday completes her investigation and finds only one person on staff with O-positive blood — Dr. Brock Holt!

See, Cassidy realized what plan was being orchestrated so he switched his blood type with somebody else on staff so they would never catch onto him. Of course, logic already went flying out the window when Dean Munsch and the others accuse Brock of being Jane Hollis’ son despite the fact that he’s clearly not 30 years old.

And finally, Cassidy shows up with a gift for Nurse Hoffel — her own Green Meanie suit and now they will go wandering the halls looking for people to murder. The only question remains — who is the third Green Meanie and what do they want?


“Only You” by Alison Moyet

‘Scream Queens’ returns next Tuesday night at 9pm ET on FOX.

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