‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Halloween Blues’: Somebody Gets Smurfed

In the latest ‘Scream Queens’ recap, Chanel grieves for Chad, Denise investigates the murders and Halloween arrives at the hospital…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Chad Radwell is gone for good.

The former frat boy and lover of all things murder was killed last week on the day he was supposed to marry the love of his life Chanel Oberlin.

It’s the latest grisly death to haunt the CURE Institute since Dean Munsch bought the hospital in an attempt to cure her own incurable disease, but instead all of the patients brought in for treatment have been killed. Chad’s murder vexes the gang, however, because he wasn’t a patient, which leads Dean Munsch to believe that eliminates the wife and grown up child of the man who was tossed into the swamp and left to die 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, it’s time for another Halloween — or in this case Chanel-O-Ween — but how does a recently (sort of) widowed smoking hot chick go about celebrating the season while her (almost) husband is laying dead on a slap in the morgue?

By sending out gruesome gifts that her fans will just adore!

Add to that at least one more death that will eliminate another character from season one and this episode of ‘Scream Queens’ ends in shocking fashion.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘Halloween Blues’….

Last Will and Testament


Just moments after Chad was found dead, Chanel quickly slipped into her Halloween outfit from last year where she dressed as Jackie Kennedy to show her grief over the murder of her almost husband. There’s no time for a funeral, however, because Chad’s personal attorney has already arrived to read his last will and testament.

It seems Chad was the sole remaining Radwell after his awful family hopped on a 747 bound for the CURE Institute to talk him out of marrying Chanel and the plane went down in a fiery crash. As such that means Chad inherited the Radwell billions. Of course, Chanel is convinced that she’ll be the one raking in all that cash but it turns out Chad left his entire fortune to Dean Munsch and the CURE Institute.

In fact, Chad changed his will that same day to reflect his wishes.

Chanel is devastated, Munsch is too happy and Denise decides this is the best time to show her grief for Chad. Remember, Denise and Chad had quite the fling at the tail end of season one and now that he’s gone, she has to say goodbye to her former lover. Denise can’t help but to remember the good times when they role played fantasies like a famous scene from ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

The bigger problem right now is solving the case to find out who is killing all these people before the information gets leaked to the press and the CURE Institute get shut down once and for all.

Chanel-O-Ween Take 2


As much as Chanel loves to celebrate her own personal holiday, it’s just not the same this year with Chad dead and all. So she decides to send her minions all manner of horrific gifts including exploding corpse bile, a rancid bag of liposuction fat and even a container filled with the hearts from dead whores.

Of course, Chanel’s followers love the gifts and embrace their queen despite the fact that they are rolling around in human body parts.

Still it give her some sense of happiness in the wake of such tragedy.

Meanwhile, Denise continues her investigation before running into the Green Meanie in the bowels of the hospital. She’s not afraid at all — Denise went after the Red Devil last season and so she quickly turns the tables on this new Green Meanie and nearly gets the drop on him with her gun, but she can’t quite make the shot.

Denise decides to call on Hester for help after she was transferred to the hospital a week ago. Denise agrees to let Hester out of her cell for the night so long as she dresses as Jason from “Friday the 13th” and doesn’t get into any trouble. Denise Hemphill will be watching.

Despite some cheering up from Chanel-O-Ween, Chanel is still down in the dumps and now she’s even managed to develop some kind of strange rash on her arms and legs. Dr. Holt examines her and decides on a treatment of colloidal silver that will fix her right up. Unfortunately instead of the rash going away, Chanel wakes up the next morning and her entire hot body has turned blue.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Chanel then runs into a killer dressed in a terrifying Ivanka Trump Halloween outfit. The killer chases Chanel through the hospital and ends up slicing her on the leg, but she’s able to get the upper hand before running away. After Chanel escape, the killer lifts up the Ivanka mask and it’s none other than Hester!

Smurf It


The latest attacks don’t deter Dean Munsch from putting on an extravagant Halloween party because she believes this is the perfect trick to flush out the killer so they can finally stop him or her once and for all.

The outfits are pretty great this episode — Dean Munsch goes as Hamilton, Chanel No. 3 goes as Death, Cassidy Cascade goes as Ryan Lochte and Chanel gets into the spirit by dressing as Smurfette. The award for the best outfit goes to Dr. Brock Holt, who dressed as a bloody doctor. When asked about his outfit, he reveals that he’s the script for ‘Batman V. Superman’ — a bloody mess.

Well done, ‘Scream Queens’ writers.

After her close call with death, Chanel is consoled by her friends but after revealing that the killer was dressed as Ivanka Trump, Zayday and Chanel No. 3 are in shock. It turns out Chanel No. 5 was planning on dressing as Ivanka Trump and now the outfit is missing! Of course, Chanel takes this to mean that Chanel No. 5 was the killer all along but they just don’t have any proof.

Meanwhile back at the party, everything is going great until the hospital is flooded with patients all vomiting and exhibiting sights of delusions. Dr. Holt believes the ‘bobbing for apples’ apples have been tainted and he wants to treat for a rare fungus but further investigation reveals that it was actually the water that was poisoned with DMT (look at this if you’re unfamiliar).

Munsch and the others soon realize that the people being admitted into the hospital weren’t poisoned with the intention of killing them — they were just made sick enough so they’d distract the hospital staff while the killer stalks his/her prey.

Chanel and Denise miss all of the action because they are off in another room having a séance to contact Chad from beyond the grave to find out who he loves more between the two of them. Chad appears in Denise’s body like something out of ‘Ghost’ and tells Chanel the bad news — he actually loved Denise way more.

Chanel is upset but she still wants to know who killed Chad.

He’s just about to reveal his killer when Zayday and the others burst into the room and explain what’s been happening with the patients and the killer stalking the hospital.

Chanel No. 5 — who actually dressed as Ivana Trump, not Ivanka Trump — goes to help out by finding some supplies for the sick patients. Sadly she runs into Hester dressed as Ivanka and the Green Meanie soon appears and stabs Chanel No. 5 in the back.

She’s not quite dead yet when Denise Hemphill finds her on the ground. The Green Meanie also appears, but this time Denise can’t get to her gun thanks to the Daenerys Targaryen outfit she’s wearing just has too many layers. The Green Meanie covers Denise in punch and then zaps her several times with the defribillator paddles until she expires.

Top notch FBI trainee Denise Hemphill is dead.

Chanel No. 5 might soon follow her with that nasty knife still sticking out of her back and it certainly seems that the Green Meanie and Hester are in cahoots.


“Rhythm of the Night” by DeBarge

“C’est La Vie” by Robbie Nevil

‘Scream Queens’ returns for a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 9pm ET on FOX.

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