‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Handidates’: Nice Day for a Red Wedding

In the ‘Scream Queens’ recap, Chanel accepts a proposal while everybody starts searching for clues to the identity of the new serial killer in town…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

When ‘Scream Queens’ first debuted a year ago, creator Ryan Murphy promised that this anthology series would be quite different from his other horror series, ‘American Horror Story’.

One of the biggest differences was Murphy saying that only a few cast members would survive the inaugural season and those characters would then move into a different setting for season two. If there was one complaint to be made about ‘Scream Queens’ season one it’s the fact that no one of any real consequence actually died unless you count Nick Jonas, and no one really expected him to stick around anyways.

Well the big payoff finally happened when a stalwart from season one finally bit the dust at the conclusion of the latest episode in a shocking twist of events.

Who was the latest victim of the Green Meanie and how does Hester know so much about this killer? Let’s find out.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘Handidates’…

The Body Count Rises


Following the latest murder where boil-fest Tyler got sliced and diced with a high powered laser, Chanel Oberlin deduces that Chanel No. 5 must be the murderer. Of course, Chanel No. 5 says that she would never kill the man she loved but before another argument can break out, Dean Munsch shows up with a plan.

Calling the cops would only bring negative attention to this clinic that she opened specifically to save her own live (remember, she has an incurable disease) so she decides that the best course of action is to dump Tyler’s body in the haunted swamp behind the hospital and they solve the crimes themselves.

Meanwhile inside the hospital, Chad’s overly jumpy friend Randall has suddenly been cured of his affliction and he’s so excited that he leaves the room to celebrate. Sadly his exuberance is snuffed out moments later when the Green Meanie appears and chops him into many pieces. Thanks to his screaming disorder being cured, all Randall can do is say “ouch, that hurts” before he’s finally finished off.

With no police backup, Munsch and the Chanel’s head back over to the insane asylum for one more visit with Hester to hopefully find some answers. She’s not giving it up and with each passing minute, her demands are going to get harder (and stranger) to fulfill. Thankfully, Dean Munsch gets a text message from Chad Radwell declaring that he’s identified the killer. Munsch basically tells Hester to piss off but that’s not the last word from the former Kappa serial killer.

Hester tells Chanel Oberlin that she might want to start moisturizing her skin and suggests some Esrun Lotion to help her ailing epidermis (don’t worry this is a clue).

Give Me a Hand


Chad’s big revelation about the murders is really his revelation that Dr. Brock Holt is walking around with a transplanted hand that originally belonged to a serial killer. Of course that means, Brock is the killer — except Munsch quickly shoots down that theory while also explaining that Chad is a moron and the worst lay she’s ever had in her life.

Chad still decides to pursue a new hand transplant for Dr. Brock while getting angry that the talented surgeon seems to be getting closer to his favorite girl Chanel.

While all of this is happening a new patient checks into the CURE Institute — a woman who has a never ending string of orgasms — and while that may sound like heaven to some, it’s ruined her life. She can’t go anywhere without bursting into pleasure filled moans and screams and her husband left her after realizing that every orgasm she ever had with him was faked.

Thankfully, Dr. Cassidy Cascade is on the case along with his new girlfriend Chanel No. 3.

The two of them put their heads together to find a cure, but they both have to come clean to each other first. Chanel No. 3 reveals that she’s never actually had an orgasm and until just recently she thought moaning and screaming was just a signal to tell the guy to get off of her. Meanwhile, Dr. Cascade explains that he’s really dead and that’s why he’s so cold all the time.

It seems back in college, Cassidy got drunk and passed out on his bed but rather than roll over, he choked to death on his own vomit and ever since then, he’s run extremely cold and his temperature only sits around 61 degrees. With all the secrets out in the air, Cassidy and Chanel No. 3 figure out a solution to the orgasm lady’s problems.

It turns out she’s a yoga instructor and during one particularly bendy move, she put pressure on a pleasurable nerve that causes her to have constant orgasms. Some minor surgery to relieve the pressure will keep her from bursting with sexual excitement every few moments.

30-Something Killer

While Chanel is still lamenting about Hester’s comment about her dry skin, Zayday figures out that her former sorority sister was actually giving them a clue to follow. As she discovers, Esrun Lotion was started by a former nurse who used to work at the hospital many, many years ago.

Munsch and all the girls along with ace FBI agent Denise Hemphill go to visit the former nurse turned cosmetics giant and they find out that he was there the night of the massacre in 1986, but just happened to be in the bathroom so he escaped the killer. Esrun tells the girls about the murders that Halloween but also about what happened a year earlier with Dr. Mike and one his nurses let a patient die, covered up the death and left his pregnant wife to figure out the answers on her own.

This is just the information they needed because Munsch and the others figure that the pregnant girl must have given birth and the child came back 30 years later to once again exact revenge on the hospital. Just like what happened with the Red Devil killer at Wallace University!

So now they are on the hunt for a 30 year old killer and who fits that bill better than Chad Radwell!

Nice Day for a Red Wedding


Before Chad can be accused of murder, he first has to settle his competition with Dr. Brock to win the affections of his favorite girl (and box), Chanel Oberlin.

Chad decides to beat Brock to the punch when he brings Chanel to the park and proposes marriage to her — along with a rather lengthy pre-nup agreement — and she’s over the moon with excitement and accepts. Off in the distance, Brock keeps a watchful eye on the happy new couple before disappearing from the park.

Chanel is so excited because the diamond in her engagement ring is so big that it has it’s own WIFI and it’s even low-jacked. After asking Chanel No. 3 and Zayday to be her bridesmaids along with Chanel No. 5 as her ring bearer, she’s ready to get married the next day.

Before the wedding can take place, the orgasm lady is just about to be released from the hospital, happy and cured from her affliction, but before she makes it out the door, the Green Meanie shows up and lops her head off with a scythe. The killer then turns his/her attention on Chamberlin, who gets a slice up the stomach for his troubles but when facing Zayday, the Green Meanie just looks for a moment before turning and running away.

Much like last season, Zayday is seemingly safe from the killer but why?

The next day, Chanel is ready to get married but her husband-to-be is suspiciously not at the chapel to say their vows. A drop of blood falls on Chanel’s wedding dress and just when she looks up to see a pool of blood that’s formed in the stained glass on the ceiling, a body falls through and crashes on the alter.

It’s Chad Radwell and he’s been murdered!

Everybody shrieks in terror as Chad exits the suspect list and ‘Scream Queens’ as the latest victim of the Green Meanie. Of course, Boone died at the beginning of last season and still found a way to return before the end. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Chad Radwell on this show…


“The Killing Moon” by Echo & the Bunnymen

“Home” by Dave Tolliver

“Baby Love” by Regina

‘Scream Queens’ returns next Tuesday night at 9pm on FOX.

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