‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel’: The Third Killer Revealed

In the ‘Scream Queens’ recap, the third Green Meanie is revealed, Chanel throws a party for Brock and a familiar face from season one returns…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Just how old is the ageless John Stamos?

Well that’s turned into the running gag during ‘Scream Queens’ season 2 as Uncle Jesse has suddenly become the butt of many jokes surrounding the age gap between Dr. Brock Holt and his hotter than hell girlfriend Chanel Oberlin.

Of course, Dr. Brock isn’t about to exchange his smoking hot 24-year old date for an older woman but he’ll keep one on the side — and that’s where Dean Cathy Munsch enters the picture.

Speaking of Dean Munsch — she received a surprise this week as Wes Gardner reappeared for the first time since season one while looking to win back her heart after being admitted to the CURE Institute.

Zayday continued her investigation into the Green Meanie and finally came upon some answers while her partner-in-crime Chamberlain stumbled on a huge clue as well that revealed the third mystery killer that’s been haunting the halls of the hospital all season long.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel’…

Return of the Mack

As Dr. Brock Holt is starting to wonder if Chanel is really the girl for him, his other potential flame Dean Cathy Munsch is being wooed away by her former boyfriend Wes Gardner, who reappeared out of nowhere this week while looking for some help from the CURE Institute.

It turns out Wes and Dean Munsch were in a relationship for several months after the murders at Wallace University, but things took a turn for the worse when he started brewing his own beer and writing a book on quarters that eventually put an end to things. After Dean Munsch left him, Wes fell into a deep depression where he started obsessively eating his own hair, which resulted in the gigantic hairball that was removed from his stomach by Dr. Cassidy Cascade.

Now that Wes is back, he’s also determined to rekindle things with Dean Munsch, who reciprocates his feelings and quickly jumps back into bed with him.

Wes also gives an update on his daughter Grace — you know the heroine throughout season one of ‘Scream Queens’ that no one has even mentioned yet this year. It seems she’s doing great while taking classes at Stanford, but his relationship with her was frayed while he was dating Dean Munsch.

Of course, Wes’ real reason for returning was much more sinister but stay tuned on that…



As much as Dr. Brock Holt likes the idea of dating an uber hot 24-year old sorority girl like Chanel Oberlin, the relationship isn’t exactly keeping him interested these days.

Between Snapchatting during their conversations or barely moving during sex because after all — Chanel is essentially the most desirable woman on the planet — while also listening to her Spotify playlist, Brock is beginning to wonder if this is really the girl for him.

The big age gap isn’t helping much either and Brock is starting to wonder if he made a wrong move by passing up on some hot sex with Cathy Munsch instead.

Still, Chanel is determined to keep Dr. Brock happy so she conspires with Hester and the other Chanel’s to put on a time appropriate themed dinner to make him feel more welcome while she researches the years when he grew up after an enthralling conversation about the TV show MASH.

Unfortunately when Brock arrives at Chanel’s apartment, she’s dolled up like a character out of the 1940’s while the rest of her crew welcomes the good doctor like he just got back from fighting in World War II.

Needless to say, Brock is not amused while also utterly confused on how old Chanel thinks he really is.

Finally, Brock decides that Chanel is far too hot to pass up on, but instead of ending the relationship, he just decides to have an affair with Dean Munsch on the side. The two of them end up having some hot sex — where both of them actually move — on the desk in her office as Brock cheats on Chanel and she cheats on Wes.

Trapped Again

Zayday continues to pursue answers to unveil the Green Meanie’s identity and her latest idea involves setting a trap for the killer and cutting off a piece of the fabric from the outfit to track down who actually made the costume. Unlike the Red Devil in season one, the Green Meanie has a very specific look and she believes by tracking down the person making the costume, they can find the killer.

So when she springs the trap, the Green Meanie nearly kills Zayday and Chamberlain but luckily she’s able to snag a piece of the costume before he gets away.

Zayday tracks down the costume maker, who tells her that he’s now made three of these same Green Meanie outfits. One he made 30 years ago, the other two more recently but he doesn’t have names on any of the people who ordered them.

The fact that one was made 30 years ago gives Zayday all the information she needs so she heads over to Jane Hollis’ house — the wife of the man who was murdered at the hospital 30 years ago before the entire staff was slaughtered 12 months later.

Before going inside, Zayday calls Chamberlain for backup but sadly his phone is on do not disturb thanks to some advice from the Chanel’s after he got far too needy while texting and calling his eternal crush. Zayday warned him to slow down on his pursuit of her so Chamberlain listened to the Chanel’s and promised not to respond to Zayday at all except once per day.

Sadly Zayday actually needed him this time.

When she goes inside, Jane offers her some tea — and that’s always a bad idea — before revealing the truth that her brother was the original Green Meanie and he was the one who killed the entire hospital staff before being cut down a year later in a tragic roller derby accident. Fast forward 30 years later and now Jane’s son (who is actually Cassidy Cascade) has taken up the mantle of the Green Meanie because she promised that hospital would never open again.

Before Zayday can tell anybody about this nefarious plot, she passes out from whatever was dosed in the tea and when she wakes up she’s tied up in the bottom of a well just like the scenario from ‘Scream Queens’ season one.

The Third Killer Revealed

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Chamberlain is cleaning up the biohazard material from the hospital that day while ignoring Zayday’s calls when one of the bags accidentally opens up. It’s the giant hairball that was removed from Wes Gardner’s stomach.

When the disgusting hairball unravels, Chamberlain finds a receipt for a machete and a chainsaw not to mention a piece of the Green Meanie outfit as well!

Chamberlain makes the ill fated decision to visit Wes and confront him about this and then he confesses the truth as well. It turns out after the ordeal at Wallace and the encounter with the Chanel’s, Grace lost her mind and ended up being admitted into the Stanford Mental Asylum where she’s remained ever since.

So Wes decided to seek revenge on the Chanel’s and since there was already a killer knocking off people at the CURE Institute, he took it upon himself to join the fun while targeting the girls responsible for his daughter falling apart.

Sadly knowing this information was too much for Chamberlain to get away so Wes stabbed him to death at the end of the episode. One more body to add to the pile — of course nobody from season one has really died except for Denise Hemphill and I’m still not convinced she won’t return from the dead during the final two episodes.

And just so we’re keeping count the three Green Meanies this season are: Dr. Cassidy Cascade, Nurse Ingrid Hoffel and now Wes Gardner.


“Missing You” by John Waite

“Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner

‘Scream Queens’ season 2 only has two episodes remaining this season with the next one airing Tuesday night at 9pm ET on FOX

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