‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘The Hand’: The Devil’s Workshop

In the ‘Scream Queens’ recap, Dr. Holt battles against his own murderous hand while Cassidy has to figure out if he wants to kiss or kill Chanel No. 3…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It must be tough to live with a hand that has a mind of its own.

That’s been the problem Dr. Brock Holt has dealt with all season long on ‘Scream Queens’ after it was revealed that he had a rare hand transplant a few years ago but the appendage he received came from a dead serial killer.

Now the hand is starting to control Dr. Brock more and more these days — aided by stress and a lack of sleep — so that’s probably not going to be good for anybody. It’s certainly not good for Brock’s love life after the hand points a knife at Chanel Oberlin on their date that sends her running away after she planned on giving him a good bone sesh that night.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cassidy Cascde has been revealed as one of three Green Meanies tormenting the hospital. The other — Nurse Hoffel — was gifted her Green Meanie mask by Cassidy when she revealed her own mission of revenge against the Chanel’s who are responsible for killing her sister in season one.

But there’s a third Green Meanie stalking the hallways at the CURE Institute and no one is certain who is behind that mask. With only three episodes to go this season, the answers will be revealed soon enough.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘The Hand’…

Talk to the Hand


Dr. Brock’s serial killer hand isn’t helping him out much these days while stopping him from falling asleep and giving him wedgies when he’s trying to meditate in his spare time. Eventually, the killer hand even starts talking to him in an attempt to gain control over the rest of his body.

Matters only get worse when Dean Munsch suggests Dr. Brock for a rather ambitious surgery where he will cut apart a four-armed, four legged, almost conjoined twin that will require the most delicate touch possible with a scalpel. He’s dead set against it (no pun intended) but she insists that without this monumental surgery being covered in a positive light, the hospital will soon go under from all the negative press.

Dr. Brock tries everything to keep his hand in check — including duct taping it to his side at one point — but nothing seems to work.

He does seem to come to an understanding with his hand finally when the Green Meanie attacks him and thanks to the serial killer’s appendage attached to his wrist, the good doctor survives. The hand defends Dr. Brock with some slick martial arts moves to fight off the Green Meanie, but ultimately Dr. Brock still doesn’t trust what it might do in the operating room.

Bad Romance


Chanel No. 3 is convinced that Dr. Cassidy Cascade isn’t actually dead as he first suggested so she decides to run a few scientific tests on him — namely questions she found in ‘Cosmo’ — to find out if he’s actually deceased or just afflicted with a condition that makes him think he’s dead.

Sure enough, Chanel No. 3 deduces that Cassidy is just convincing himself that he’s dead and the whole mind/body thing is what is making his skin so cold — well that and the fact that he sleeps on a waterbed next to an air conditioner. Sadly, Chanel No. 3’s investigation also leads her to believe that Cassidy is a psychopath and probably the Green Meanie.

Later, Cassidy and Chanel No. 3 profess their love for each other while also making confessions as well. Chanel No. 3 admits that she knows he’s the Green Meanie and she’s debating on whether or not to turn him in while Cassidy admits he’s the killer in the green mask, he hasn’t decided whether or not to kill her but he’s definitely killing the other Chanel’s.

To make matters worse for Cassidy, his new partner in crime Nurse Hoffel tells him that if the Chanel’s don’t die, she’ll turn him in for all the murders. Still, Cassidy just can’t bring himself to kill Chanel No. 3 and by proxy he agrees not to kill Chanel Oberlin either. No way that ends well for Dr. Cascade.

The Hand with the Plan


As if Dr. Brock’s surgery wasn’t tough enough already, part of the operation to separate the conjoined twins also involves a heart transplant. He’s convinced the surgery won’t happen because patients wait for years on transplant lists to receive organs.

Thankfully for Dr. Brock and the CURE Institute, one of the random Chanel’s is strangled by the Green Meanie and left brain dead — but her heart is still beating. So they pull the plug and use her heart for the transplant. Convenient timing and execution by the Green Meanie, huh?

With a medical reporter in tow, Dean Munsch delivers the heart and Dr. Brock goes to work — with his murder hand tied behind his back — as he completes the procedure. When it gets down to crunch time, it’s Chanel who saves the day by calming Brock down from the stress of his killer hand trying to break free as she sings to him his favorite childhood song — ’99 Luftballoons’.

He completes the surgery, the patient is saved and the CURE Institute will get some much needed good press! Well maybe not…

The reporter calls his editor and tells him about all manner of malfeasance happening at the hospital but before he can finish his complaints, the Green Meanie shows up and jams a machete through the top of his head — right next to poor frozen Denise Hemphill’s body.

Meanwhile, Cassidy offers up one piece of good news to his pal Dr. Brock.

He saved one of the conjoined hands left over from the surgery and he’s willing to complete a transplant for Dr. Brock so he can get rid of the murderous appendage he’s currently carrying around. Dr. Brock is overjoyed because with a new hand in place, he can finally get back to a normal life as a brilliant Harvard trained surgeon who is banging the hottest girl in history in his spare time.

After the transplant is complete, Dr. Brock lays in bed with his lady but the hand wakes up, crawls over to a pad and paper and writes out the words — “KILL CHANEL”.

It seems the hand transplant didn’t fix whatever murderous rage was already living inside Dr. Brock’s heart and mind.

Only three episodes left for ‘Scream Queens’ season 2 so make sure to check out the next episode on Tuesday night at 9pm ET on FOX.


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