‘Scream Queens’ Recap ‘Warts and All’: Beauty and the Beast

In the latest ‘Scream Queens’ recap, Chad returns to win back Chanel, Hester knows a secret and Dean Munsch’s reason for opening the hospital is discovered….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The murder of a patient more than 30 years ago by some cruel and hapless doctors set the stage for the second season of ‘Scream Queens’ and in the latest episode, some more information was revealed about that infamous altercation.

The doctors and nurses responsible for this man’s murder carried on as if nothing happened, but it turns out a year later a killer dressed in the same Green Meanie outfit that Doctor Mike dropped on the body returned to the scene of the crime and butched all of the people working inside that hospital.

So there are a lot of working theories about who might be the killer carrying out a new set of murders 30 years later, but the only person who seems to know anything is Hester, who reappeared this week in her full Hannibal Lecter glory.

This week also saw the return of Chad Radwell as he came to the CURE Institute looking for help for a friend, but really used it as a cover so he could find a way to win back Chanel’s heart — or at least her perfectly shaved box.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Scream Queens’ titled ‘Warts and All’…

On the Trail of a Killer


It turns out the police who are investigating the murders at the CURE Institute are just as useless as the ones who were in charge of finding the killer at Wallace University after they deduce that Chanel No. 5 is probably the prime suspect in the death of Katherine “Werewolf Girl” Hobart. It seems the killer lopped off Katherine’s head but then took the body. Meanwhile, Chanel No. 5 passed out when the killer attacked and Chamberlain found her passed out still locked in the hydrotherapy tub after the murder took place.

It certainly seems like Chanel No. 5 had nothing to do with the murders, although her friends believe she’s the killer this time around because Katherine’s beheading conveniently took place during a time when it would ruin the Chanel’s dates with Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade.

Of course, Dean Munsch isn’t sold on Chanel No. 5 as the prime suspect and she calls in backup to help her solve the crime. Enter FBI trainee and “Quantico” binge watcher Denise Hemphill, who immediately points the finger at Zayday once again.

Meanwhile, Zayday is convinced the killer is Dean Munsch because why else would she want to work with the Chanel’s unless she intended on bumping them off one by one. Zayday starts doing some research but mysteriously every piece of information about the hospital has been wiped clean out side of the time when it first opened and when Dean Munsch purchased the place just recently.

Finally, Zayday does some digging with Chamberlin at the local library and that’s when they discover that every staff member in the hospital was killed back in 1986 during a Halloween party and the only evidence left behind was some green goo that’s found in the contaminated swamp out back — just like the green muck that was left behind during Katherine’s murder.

Zayday decides to confront Dean Munsch as the real killer this time except for one problem — she didn’t kill anybody.

Actually, Dean Munsch nearly took out the killer after he/she attacked her in the hospitallate one night, but much like when the Red Devil killer came after her last season, she showed off her bad ass karate skills and knocked the murderer out cold. Unfortunately, Dr. Cascade and Chanel No. 3 came along at just the wrong time and the killer escaped.

Finally, Dean Munsch was forced to explain herself when she was confronted by Zayday with the evidence about the mass murders at the hospital. They believe Dean Munsch bought the place specifically to employ the Chanel’s and then to finish them once and for all. As it turns out, Dean Munsch bought and re-opened the hospital after she started exhibiting some peculiar symptoms that have only gotten worse in recent weeks.

She hoped by opening a hospital like this one that she could find a cure. Thanks to Zayday, Dean Munsch finds out that she’s been afflicted with kuru — a real disease that occurs when humans become cannibals and eat other humans. Sadly, Zayday has to inform Dean Munsch that there is no cure and she probably only has about a year to live. That’s obviously not the answer she wanted.

There’s also an interesting aside during this stretch where Nurse Hoffel tries to recruit Zayday in her effort to bring down the Chanel’s and she goes as far as bugging Munsch’s office to snoop on them when she finds out about the deadly disease attacking the benefactor who re-opened the hospital in the first place. What is Nurse Hoffel up to? Only time will tel.

Gold Plated Nutsack


After their first date was spoiled, Chanel ends up at the movies with Dr. Brock Holt and it’s a successful night out after he even managed to grope her boob — even if it was thanks to his hand that has a mind of its own.

The new romance barely has a chance to spark a flame before Chanel finds herself face to face with her ex boyfriend Chad Radwell. It turns out Chad likes to scare Chanel by dressing up in the Red Devil costume and chasing her — just like he did while she was at the asylum last season (so that clears up that mystery from the finale). Chad came to the hospital to help cure his friend Randall of an affliction where he screams uncontrollably at the slightest noise.

The real reason Chad has returned is to reclaim Chanel but he’s not too happy to find out she’s moved on with a successful, rich, handsome doctor. Chad tries to impress Chanel by revealing that he’s now in a band — called Gold Plated Nutsack — but it doesn’t work. Chad then attempts to confront Dr. Brock in a very homoerotic shower scene, but still doesn’t get the answers he needs. Finally thanks to a private detective Chad hires after Dr. Brock beats him handily in a squash match to win Chanel’s hand, he discovers the truth.

It turns out Dr. Brock’s donated hand came from a man named Marshall Winthrop — a champion squash player who was so obsessed with the game that he started murdering anybody he faced who he defeated. Over 600 people died before Marshall was caught and his entire body was used for organ donation. So Dr. Brock has a mass murderer’s hand attached to his arm and it’s clear that hand still has more than a few inclinations left over from its previous owner.

Hannibal Hester

With this latest unsolved murder, Denise Hemphill suggests that the only way to know what the killer is thinking is to get inside the mind of a killer. So the group pays a visit to Hester, who is currently locked up in a maximum security mental institution where she’s trapped behind glass with only her drawings to keep her company.

Five minutes with Hester reveals that she knows a lot more about this killer — including the green goop left behind whenever a murder is committed — but she’s not telling anything without a few conditions being met. Hester wants to be moved to Dean Munsch’s hospital, she wants a view and she wants some high end French cosmetics that haven’t been made in over a decade.

Dean Munsch rebuffs her offer for now but if the bodies start piling up, Hester may be her only hope.

Beauty and the Beast


The crux of the story takes place over the latest medical case involving an “Encyclopedia Brown” fan fiction writer named Tyler, who has been stricken with a condition that covers his entire body in wart like tumors. There’s no known way to remove them except with a very expensive laser that the hospital can’t afford.

Still, Chanel No. 5 takes special interest in this case after her friends seemingly abandon her and call her the ugly duckling who will never get a date. Chanel No. 5 convinces herself that Tyler can be her salvation — especially after learning that underneath all that excess skin and puss is a gorgeous dude.

Throughout their time together, Chanel No. 5 actually falls for warty but it turns out this was all a test set up by Chanel Oberlin and Chanel No. 3. They wanted to see if someone could fall in love despite the other person’s physical abnormalities. Except they were testing Tyler to see if he could fall for someone as grotesque as Chanel No. 5. Once they seal the deal with a kiss, the Chanel’s buy the laser — thanks to funding by Chad Radwell when he heard it would remove every hair from Chanel’s box — and he can finally have the operation to remove the warts from his body.

The next night, Tyler calls Chanel No. 5 with some interesting news after he dropped hints about this case in his “Encyclopedia Brown” fan fiction group but before he can tell her the good news, he’s taken into surgery. There’s only one problem — his surgery wasn’t schedule until the next day.

So rather than have his warts removed, the Green Meanie appears and cuts him into equal sized pieces with the ultra expensive laser. Later that night, the Chanel’s find the remains and it’s clear what’s happening here — there’s another serial killer on the loose!


“Mad About You” by Belinda Carlisle

“Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Turner

“I Think We’re Alone” by Tiffany

‘Scream Queens’ is off next week due to the Vice Presidential debate but will return in two weeks time with a brand new episode!

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