Showtime Launches Stand Alone Streaming Service In July

On the heels of HBO Now, Showtime has announced that they will launch a stand alone streaming service in July….

If you want to watch ‘Homeland’ or ‘Penny Dreadful’ or any of the other hit series airing on Showtime, as of July you’ll have the option to get the network as a streaming service without having cable or a satellite provider.

Showtime’s streaming service will officially launch in July for $10.99 per month with Apple TV getting the first crack at the new platform.

The Showtime streaming service just like HBO Now will feature all of Showtime’s hit TV series available in real time along with a selection of movies and past television series that aired on the network.

One key difference for Showtime, however, will be the option to watch the network live on the new streaming app for sporting events such as Showtime boxing or any other live shows that may air on the channel. Currently, HBO Now is real time but they don’t have an option for live series or a live streaming of the actual channel on the app.

Showtime’s new streaming service will kick off on Apple products, but there are already plans in place to expand to other outlets and applications.

The new Showtime streaming service will launch in time for the new season of ‘Ray Donovan’ and ‘Masters of Sex’, which both kick off on Sunday night July 12.

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