Sleepy Hollow Recap ‘Blood and Fear’: Jack the Ripper

In the latest Sleepy Hollow recap, Pandora unleashes a killer familiar to Ichabod’s college days and it reminds him of a fear he long since buried….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It seems only fitting as we sit about two weeks out from Halloween that the running theme behind Sleepy Hollow season three thus far is the mythical character Pandora feeding her evil tree of life by collecting the fear of others.

After having her last two demons thwarted by the witnesses, she targets Ichabod this week to dig into his own personal fears while using an evil he hasn’t seen in almost 300 years.

It’s another colorful twist on history as Sleepy Hollow theorizes that the infamous killer known as Jack the Ripper wasn’t one man but in face he’s many men — infected by a dagger than drives the user to bloodlust and these murders have been committed over 900 years.

But how will Ichabod and Abbie stop what’s never been stopped before?

Let’s recap the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow titled ‘Blood and Fear’ to find out!

The Ripper’s Revenge

Pandora’s latest trick involves an ancient dagger first created during the Crusades and this time around she tempts a wormy office worker named Nelson, who is secretly lusting after his co-worker Emily but not in that ‘cute but unassuming’ way but the ‘I have thousands of pictures of taken while stalking you’ kind of thing going on.

Despite his affection (obsession) with Emily, Nelson never has the balls to actually approach her and instead watches his bro-tacular co-worker seduce her instead.

At a club later that night (the only club that apparently exists in Sleepy Hollow), Nelson looks from afar as Emily gets her grind on with Douchey McDoucherson until Pandora shows up and flirts with the nerdy stalker and takes him to the dance floor where they begin to get more than a few eyes on them.

Eventually, Nelson wakes up with a hangover the next morning and he’s still alone (no surprise) but there’s a shiny dagger laying next to his bed. He grabs the weapon and heads off to work.

The next thing you know, his co-worker who totally got Emily’s digits the night before winds up dead, drained of his blood with stab wounds covering his entire body.

I’m an American

CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

CR: Tina Rowden/FOX


Ichabod testifies with his normal zest at a local government building while trying to apply for historical status for the archives that are currently set to be converted into a mini-mall at any time. Because Ichabod is technically not an American citizen, he can’t actually fill out the application. Abbie eventually convinces him to allow her to sign the form, but this latest experience is enough for Ichabod to finally decide that he wants to apply for citizenship and become an American.

Outside the government building, Ichabod runs into a woman named Zoe, who is also trying to get historical status for another building in town when she overhears him opining about his desire to become an American. Inspired by his speech, Zoe offers her assistance and considering her brother is a Senator on the subcommittee for immigration, Ichabod can’t help but accept!

Meanwhile, Abbie gets a call about the murder that just took place and because it happened in such a gruesome manner, the FBI are called in to investigate. When she arrives (with Crane in tow) they see the victim stabbed to death with hardly any blood dripping from the wounds.

Ichabod is immediately taken back to the 1700’s when he was a student at Eton College in England and his best friend was killed in the exact same way. While the rest of his classmates geared up to go after the murderer, Ichabod was rushed back home and not allowed to return to school until after the killer was caught or the situation returned to normal.

Ichabod theorizes that this murderer was the same man responsible for the Whitechapel killings in the 1800’s — better known as the Jack the Ripper murders. But obviously, no one could stay alive for over a hundred years — much less the sequence of murders they discover with grisly detail that have been happening for the last 900 years — which means this killer is supernatural in nature and they need to find a way to finally stop him.

Abbie is able to use FBI tech to rebuild the weapon used in the most recent murder by using the stab wounds on the victim and when the dagger materializes, Ichabod realizes he’s seen it before and that must be the source of the ripper, not a demon and not a person who has been alive for nearly 1000 years.

Meanwhile after offing his co-worker in brutal fashion, Nelson is starting to feel some remorse but just when he’s about to discard the dagger, Pandora shows up and tells him to reconsider. Before he can do much of anything, the dagger melds itself to Nelson’s hand and the ripper entity completely takes over.

Jenny’s Doppelganger

Jenny and Joe (with an assist from Abbie) track down the guy (Randall) who stole the Shard of Anubis last week but when they arrive at his hotel room, he’s nowhere to be found and instead there’s a girl there who says she was just getting a ride from him but he’s at the ice machine if they want to nab him.

Jenny and Joe fall for it and the woman escapes in the car and they find Randall tied up in the bathroom after falling victim to a good looking grifter.

Jenny recognizes the playbook the woman was using and sure enough when she shows up t a diner nearby, she finds the woman at the counter having some dinner. Jenny quizzes her about how she learned to grift and hunt down items of such rare nature because it reminds her an awful lot of her mentor, August Corbin. She’s mum — even when Jenny reveals that she found the Shard of Anubis hiding in a compartment inside her card — just like August Corbin taught her to do all those years ago.

Jenny and Joe escape with the Shard while the woman warns them that dangerous people are going to come looking for it. Jenny is more perplexed by the fact that it looks like August may have been secretly grooming another protégé at the same time she was in training. It appears Joe Corbin isn’t the only one who grew up not really knowing his father!

Threat of the Disease

CR: Carin Baer/FOX

CR: Carin Baer/FOX


Abbie and Ichabod are able to track down Nelson from his workplace after he’s the only employee who failed to show up the day after the murder took place. When they arrive at his apartment, Nelson immediately tries to slice them in two so Abbie has no choice but to shoot him three times directly in the chest, which in turn sends him flying out the window and down onto a car a few stories below.

The only problem is Nelson gets up and runs away without a scratch.

Back at the archives, some additional digging around the historical murders that Abbie and Ichabod deem were committed by the ripper shows that each time the killings stopped, it happened at the start of an outbreak of some disease. Ichabod them remembers that yellow fever caught hold of the students at Eton College just after he left and he realizes that when he was pulled out of school by his father, it wasn’t because of the murders — it was become his well connected parent knew that an outbreak was happening and this was the only way to spare his son’s life.

So Ichabod theorizes that every time the ripper stabbed somebody who was infected with a disease, the blood imbibed by the weapon also got infected and it caused the owner to wither and die. Ichabod and Abbie decide this is the best way to go after Nelson and when she finds out that her colleagues who were sent to protect Emily aren’t answering calls, it’s the perfect time to snare the killer.

When they arrive, Abbie runs to protect Emily while Ichabod is left to wrestle away with Nelson. The first time he tries to shoot him with the infected blood, Nelson’s ‘armor’ blocks the shot and that leaves Ichabod with only one more vile to get the job done. Ichabod realizes that he has no hope of piercing Nelson’s skin so he has to do this the old fashion way — by stabbing himself with the needle full of blood dosed with malaria and then allowing the ripper to gut him with the dagger.

Ichabod falls down and the ripper crumbles as well but Abbie is freaking out because her partner in crime is about to die. Out of nowhere, Pandora shows up and taunts Abbie, who will soon be alone in her exploits once Ichabod dies or sacrifices himself for the greater good.

Thankfully, Ichabod lives and he’s safe from malaria as well after dealing with that during the war. Abbie still looks concerned, however, because what Pandora said really struck a chord — what happens when Ichabod finally does sacrifice himself to save her or save the world — can she do this alone? How can she stop him from being so reckless with his own life?

These are answers saved for another day but before the episode ends we find Pandora back in her evil lair with her tree now blooming black flowers and she’s nearly orgasmic with happiness that her latest creation is finally growing new life. What’s inside this tree?

Nobody knows for sure but the one thing for certain is it’s not good!

Tune into the next episode of Sleepy Hollow on Thursday night at 9pm ET on FOX!

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