Sleepy Hollow Recap ‘Kali Yuga’: Togetherness

In the latest Sleepy Hollow recap, Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship is still strained but they have to mend fences quick when someone from Hawley’s past returns and she’s not what she seems…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It’s always fun for a little star crossover between two of the better science-fiction/fantasy shows on television and there was a bunch of that on Monday night’s episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ titled ‘Kali Yuga’. ‘Defiance’ star Jaime Murray stopped by to play the demon of the week while we seemingly eliminated the ultimate fifth wheel as Hawley exited the show (for now anyways) while Ich-Abbie got back to being Ich-Abbie after a few off weeks.

The second season of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has been uneven in points, but overall the show remains one of my favorites on television. Still, the direction in the second half of the season has seemed almost lost without a big bad on the horizon ultimately looming overhead threatening to bring about the apocalypse. The return of Henry Parrish is long overdue although the slow build of what’s actually happening with Frank Irving continues to be intriguing. There were a few more answers tonight as a matter of fact.

And without further ado, let’s recap ‘Sleepy Hollow’ ‘Kali Yuga’….

One and Done

This week’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ opens at the same bar — apparently the only bar — in town where Ichabod, Abbie, Hawley and Jenny are enjoying some karaoke. It’s here that we learn Abbie is quite the singer as she belts out Gnarls Barley’s ‘Crazy’ and Ichabod follows it up with a rousing rendition of the tune ‘The Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime’ — a real crowd pleaser, let me tell you.

In the midst of this, Hawley gets a call about a rare set of throwing stars he wants to add to his collection, but he has to meet the seller right away. He promises to be back before Jenny finishes her drink — want to place wagers on how likely that is to happen?

When Hawley arrives at the meeting point instead of running into his contact he finds out that a woman named Carmilla Pines arranged this entire encounter. It seems when Hawley’s parents died when he was 12, Carmilla was his godmother — despite the fact that she looks about five years older than him but don’t get lost in the details — and she raised him in the only art she ever knew — treasure hunting. The only problem is at some point as he grew up, Hawley discovered that his stepmom/sister was willing to kill to get the artifacts she wanted to own and he hit the road immediately. She’s been searching for him ever since, but now Carmilla needs Hawley more than ever before.

The Scooby Gang gives up on Hawley meeting them back at the bar although Jenny is quite worried. The whole group gets even more concerned with a silent alarm is tripped back at the archives. Ichabod is curious where the silent alarm came from in the first place because Abbie didn’t bother to tell him about it.

When they get back to the archives, the place has been ransacked and some papers from the ‘Sons of Liberty’ have gone missing, most notably the original blueprints to a house owned by Theodore Knox, descendant of Henry Knox, for whom Fort Knox is named after (thus our connection to Ichabod’s Colonial past). It doesn’t take long to figure out Hawley was the one who did the deed and as the team gives chase, they run into a demon with long claws, bad teeth and acid for blood. Kind of a sexier Xenomorph I suppose. A crossbow arrow does nothing to deter the monster so Ichabod knows he’s got his work cut out for him this time.

While picking up the pieces of the archives, Ichabod finds a sigil that looks just like the circular blade carried by rogue angel Orion, who Abbie befriended before finding out he was one step away from Old Testament God while wanting to wipe out all of human existence and starting over fresh again. The Dynamic Duo just isn’t in sync these days and as more and more secrets get revealed, this partnership that at one time seemed unbreakable is starting to show a few more cracks in the veneer. The decision is made for this mission — Abbie and Jenny will track down Hawley while Ichabod and Katrina stay behind to do research on the monster.

Jenny notes rather quickly that this entire situation is out of sorts and the witnesses clearly work better together than apart, but they both seem okay with the way things are playing out currently.

Questions Answered


Abbie and Jenny track down the person Hawley was supposed to meet the night he ditched them at the bar and after a little aggressive police work, he gives up the fact that he was paid off by Carmilla Pines so she could get some alone time with Hawley. Back at the archives, Ichabod and Katrina have figured out that the beast they faced in the catacombs was a ‘vetala’ — a mythological creature from the Hindu culture and they can be a vampire, a blood sucker and a flesh eater and by all accounts they are immortal. Just great.

Back at the secret lair, Carmilla reveals the nature of the beast inside when she tells Hawley that after he high tailed it away from her when he saw her murder someone years ago, she went on the hunt for him. During her travels she got taken by an Indian death cult and they performed a ritual, which turned her into a vetala. Now she’s back because Theodore Knox has an artifact in his possession that can turn her human again. She needs Hawley’s help to pull this off and out of respect to the woman that sort of raised him, he agrees.

Let’s Party

Hawley and Carmilla head to a swanky party being thrown by Theodore Knox at his estate where he shows off some of his valuable pieces and buys more trinkets from other guests. The Scooby Gang track them there and once again the teams break off as Jenny goes after Hawley and Abbie and Ichabod track Carmilla — except they get separated and Abbie has to go at it alone.

Hawley opens the vault, but Jenny busts him mid-break in and asks why he’s doing all this. Before he can answer, Hawley pulls a gun and ends up locking Jenny in a closet and telling her this is for her own good. Downstairs, Carmilla finds the artifact — a Hindu statue of a God with multiple arms also known as a ‘Kali’. Abbie and a late arriving Ichabod try to stop her, but she demons out and threatens to kill one half of the witnesses if she’s not allowed to leave. Hawley arrives and warns Abbie and Ichabod to back off and so they do. He locks them in the vault and promises to tell Theodore where they are and the duo shouldn’t be tucked away for more than a day at most.

Hawley and Carmilla make their escape and the Scooby’s are stuck



Since they are locked in an enclosed space for who knows how long, Ichabod and Abbie finally have that ‘come to Jesus’ meeting they’ve been itching for over the past few weeks. Abbie apologizes for all the secrets she’s been keeping from him while Ichabod says ‘I’m sorry’ for offering to save Abraham aka The Headless Horseman, without even consulting her first. Everybody seems happy now, but one small problem — they’re still locked in the vault.

Ichabod deduces — because that’s what Ichabod does — that the safe must have a secondary exit in case Theodore would ever get locked in there. Sure enough there’s a hidden puzzle underneath the locking mechanism marked by several buttons with alchemy symbols carved into them. Ichabod thinks he has it all figured out, but ends up pressing the wrong button and the walls start to close in on them and to make matters worse, there are foot long spikes now sticking out ready to impale them. In a last ditch effort to find a way out, Ichabod remembers that while Knox was a war general and noted military man, he was also a degenerate gambler who loved gold more than anything else. Sure enough there’s the symbol for gold and the walls stop closing in on them.

Ichabod and Abbie grab Jenny and off they go to find Hawley. Luckily when he locked Jenny up, he took her cell phone with him so they can track wherever Carmilla has taken him.

When they arrive, shocker of all shockers, Carmilla wasn’t trying to find a cure — she’s working to build an entire Hindu creature army including Hawley, who she drugs and then ties to a table for the ceremony. The battle ensues between the Scooby’s and all of Carmilla’s thugs turned creatures.

Ichabod figures out a weakness for the creatures in a pivotal moment — stabbing them with iron and fire will turn them into dust. Of course, Ichabod and Abbie dispatch the goon creatures and all that’s left is Carmilla. Before she can get turned into another crispy critter, Carmilla makes a run for it.

The day is saved except one small problem — Hawley still feels responsible for what happened to Carmilla so he’s going to leave Sleepy Hollow and go after her. He gives Jenny a kiss goodbye and heads off to the far reaches of the Earty in search of his sort of mommy. It’s a convenient way to get rid of a not so popular character although something tells me, he’ll be back by the end of the season.


Catching up with Frank Irving this week — the former captain has now been exonerated of all charges although we never find out what happened to actually get him out of jail. His wife even defends him since, you know, the last lawyer he hired stole his soul and tried to turn him into an agent of hell. The judge has no choice but to turn Frank loose and the celebration begins except one problem — Cynthia knows something is off about her husband’s miraculous resurrection and she can’t rest until she is confident he’s doing alright. They agree to go see Katrina for a reading to verify his status.

Katrina performs a spell while quizzing Irving about the last time he saw her son Henry. The ceremony is quick, but she quickly decides that Henry has lost his hold on Irving and there’s nothing to worry about. If looks said a thousand words, however, Katrina was lying through her teeth. She saw something she’s not saying — maybe the fact that Henry has a hold on Irving, but the only way to hopefully coax him back is to let the guinea pig resume his life as if nothing bad ever happened. I’m holding by my prediction that Irving is the next horseman of the apocalypse.

All’s well that ends well — except when Irving hugs his wife, he looks in the mirror and there’s no reception at all. What exactly is going on with Captain Irving?

The episode closes this week back at the karaoke bar — Hawley’s gone, Jenny’s sad and the dynamic duo really needs a pick me up. What better way to turn that frown upside down than a duet in karaoke? Abbie gets Ichabod up on stage and they proceed to sing ‘Proud Mary’ together because why the hell not?!?

Are the Dynamic Duo finally fixed or are they still holding back some real feelings? And what exactly is going on with Irving? What matter of man or beast has he become? And when the hell is Henry coming back?

Hopefully a few more questions will be answered during the next episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ airing on FOX, Monday night at 9pm ET.

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