‘Sleepy Hollow’ Twistory Will Showcase Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold in Season 2

‘Sleepy Hollow’ executive producers reveal some of the twisted history they will unravel in season 2 of the show as well as a new love interest for Abbie…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

One of the best elements of the first season of FOX’s breakout hit ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was the incorporation of real historical figures being intertwined with stories that became the fabric of the series. From George Washington being resurrected after death and gifting Ichabod Crane a Bible with keys and answers that will be needed to solve many of the puzzles he will be faced with in this new world to the real reason why Paul Revere made his ride to light lanterns when the British were invading the United States.

The wild ride will continue in season two as the producers of the show have now coined the term ‘twistory’ for the fun spin they give on actual historical stories for the context of bringing elements of that into ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

One major character who will appear early on in season 2 is Benjamin Franklin — being played by veteran actor Timothy Busfield — and it seems he will have an uneasy relationship with Ichabod that stretches back several years. It seems Ichabod apprenticed under the legendary inventor, and Franklin will play a ‘key’ role in one of the big plotlines unveiled this season.

“We have some really good stuff, even starting in the premiere, we’re going to see a lot of Benjamin Franklin this year,” executive producer Mark Goffman said during San Diego Comic Con. “This was inspired by Tom (Mison), one of the things he said last season that he knew about Benjamin Franklin was that he used to take these air baths in the nude every morning and I thought well we should see a lot of that.

“So they have an uneasy relationship between Crane and Benjamin Franklin.”

Another face from history who will appear this season is the most infamous traitor to ever step foot on American soil as Benedict Arnold will drop by ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for at least one episode. Much like Paul Revere’s ride, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has its own spin on why Arnold betrayed his country and maybe even a run in with Benjamin Franklin given their shared time during the American Revolution. Franklin once said of Arnold “Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions.”

“Benedict Arnold has an appearance this season. That will be really interesting to learn how he became a traitor to our country,” Goffman stated.

Those two won’t be the only new additions to the cast in terms of historical figures once the season gets up and running in September. The ‘Sleepy Hollow’ twistory will definitely be a featured part of every year and a major piece of season 2.

“We have some really fun stuff,” Goffman said. “We’re calling it twistory — that we’re going to throw into the show.”

There will also be a new ‘supernatural arms dealer’ joining the cast this season as Matt Barr — best known for his role in the A&E miniseries ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ — who will appear early on this year and he might get involved romantically with Abbie at some point as well. Currently there are no plans for Luke, played by Nicholas Gonzalez, to return in season 2.

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