Sons of Anarchy EP Teases Heartbreaking Scene ‘Deeper and Darker’ Than Any In the Show’s History

Sons of Anarchy’s executive producer teases a heart breaking scene ‘deeper and darker’ than any other in the show’s history…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Throughout the course of five seasons of Sons of Anarchy, creator Kurt Sutter has turned the screws on the emotional spectrum for anyone that’s made the mistake of getting attached to one of his beloved characters.

Even those that didn’t die still get put through the ringer as Sutter weaves his wicked web as we spiral towards the final season next year.

From Gemma’s rape scene, which was difficult to watch at best to Opie having his head caved in while his best friends watched from behind a glass wall, Sons of Anarchy has produced a lot of tears over the years, but the best (or worst) is still yet to come.

Sons of Anarchy executive producer Paris Barclay teased an upcoming scene that will happen in season six that could be the most emotionally draining and heart wrenching yet. As crazy as it sounds, Barclay says this particular moment will take fans to a darker place than Sons has ever gone before and considering the limits this show has pushed in the past, there is no telling what boundaries will be broken this time around.

“I’ll say, I’m not an actor, but I have seen and you will see sometime later this season what I think is the most emotional scene that I’ve ever seen on the show,” Barclay said. “We were all wiped out as we watching it and it will be coming up this season. It went deeper and darker and it broke my heart more than my heart has been stomped on in Sons of Anarchy history.

“So all the stuff we’ve done before, I think we have topped it. It will come up, I won’t say when cause Kurt will kill me, but it will come up before the end of the season and it is awesome.”

There have already been some very taut moments thus far in season six from the tragic school shooting that opened the season to last week’s episode when Tara’s pregnancy was proven to be fake as she spilled her own blood to make it appear like Gemma had assaulted her and killed the baby in the process.

There were also the painfully somber moments watching poor Otto get tortured a few more times before he was mercifully ended while Nero is now facing murder charges for a crime he didn’t commit.

It’s hard to predict where Sutter will turn next because no one knows where he’s going until he gets there and that’s one of the greatest parts about Sons of Anarchy.

By the end of this season, however, it looks like Sutter is ready to take this show to the next level and everyone should go ahead and have their tissues ready because tragedy is surely coming to Charming.

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