Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Salvage’ Promo (Video)

War is coming between the Sons of Anarchy and the IRA and it’s bleeding over into the streets of Charming in this latest promo for the upcoming episode titled ‘Salvage’…

When Sons of Anarchy came to a close on Tuesday night, the SAMCRO club house was in ashes after a bomb from the IRA blew the place to smithereens just seconds after the entire crew including Jax’s wife and children escaped the building.

Is there any coming back after the IRA literally tried to massacre the entire club plus their families?

Jax is looking for revenge and Sheriff Eli Roosevelt is targeting the Sons more than ever now trying to squash the violence hitting his streets.

Check out the latest promo for Sons of Anarchy and it appears that wayward member Bobby Munson is returning to the fold as well:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”465″ video_id=”CCs8uYdVka8″]

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