Sony Plans on Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff Films

Two more prominent Spider-Man villains are expected to get their own solo films from Sony…

Sony is looking to expand on the Spider-Man universe once again with a focus on his rogues gallery taking center stage.

‘Venom’ starring Tom Hardy will open next year with plans already in place for ‘Silver and Black’, a movie focused on Spider-Man frenemies Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Now word has been passed along courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter that Sony has plans to expand even further into Spider-Man’s villains with solo films focusing on Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

Sergei Kravinoff — better known as Kraven the Hunter — was a ferocious sportsman who hunted big game in Africa until he got bored with the typical prey and decided that taking down Spider-Man would finally quench his thirst. Kraven actually shot and defeated Spider-Man before burying him alive and taking a spare costume where he took on the role before pummeling several criminals with brutal force before taking down a super villain of his own named Vermin. As it turns out, Spider-Man didn’t die but Kraven taunted him that he had been defeated and afterwards he took his own life.

As for Mysterio — Quentin Beck was a special effects illusionist and stunt man who turns from Hollywood into a life of crime before butting heads with Spider-Man numerous times over the years.

Of course there’s no word on how these solo films will come together, especially without Spider-Man expected to play much of a role in either of the spinoff movies. There have been rumors that Tom Holland could potentially reprise his role as Spider-Man in any of these spinoff films but there’s no word for certain that he actually will make an appearance.

For now, look for ‘Venom’ in 2018 and then ‘Silver and Black’ but if those projects are successful there’s little doubt that Sony will be moving quickly to put together production on Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

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