The Soundtrack to Sons of Anarchy Season 7 — Music from the Show

Here’s a running compilation of all the songs featured on season 7 — the final season — of Sons of Anarchy. Make sure to refresh each week for new tracks…

Every season, Sons of Anarchy manages to put together one of the best soundtracks on all of television with a mix of classics, covers and perfect placed tunes, there may not be a better show on television to discovers some great music. Creator Kurt Sutter along with music director Bob Thiele hand pick the songs that end up on Sons of Anarchy ever season while also coordinating a slew of tracks that will be covered in large part by the house band from the show, The Forest Rangers. Over the years, Sons of Anarchy has combined dark themes with somber tones and riveting action with pulse-thumping bass lines with the audio and visual syncing up in perfect harmony. The final season has been no different with several Sons stalwarts already appearing through the first few episodes as well as some new cover songs that pretty much redefine the original work. So we’ve decided to compile all of the songs from the Sons of Anarchy final season soundtrack in one place for you to discover the music from one of the best shows on TV. This list will be updated for each episode that airs with new music added below the last as the weeks go by. We will also re-publish this story each week with a new episode and new music to ensure you’ll always find the newest songs from Sons of Anarchy.

Prior to the Season

“Bullet the Blue Sky” by U2 (this was the background music for all of the Sons of Anarchy season 7 previews and trailers)

“Evil Ways” by Blues Saraceno (also featured in the final promos leading up to the season premiere)

Episode 701: Black Widower

“Never My Love” by Audra Mae and the Forest Rangers (feat. Billy Valentine) — cover of the original track by The Association This is the track that opens the episode.


“First Cuckoo of Spring” by Danni Nichols “Dirty Finger” by Frankie Perez

“Capital T” by The Walking Papers

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers (feat. Billy Valentine) — cover of the original track by Queen This is the song that closes the episode

Episode 702: Toil and Till

“Buried Plans” by Minor Plans

“Right to Left” by The Chimpz (featured in the chase scene between the Sons and the Chinese Triad)

“Darlene” by The Earls

“Till It’s Gone” by Yelawolf (this is the closing track to the episode)

Episode 703: Playing with Monsters

“Take Me Higher” by Old Man Canyon “Ain’t About Nothing” by Dave Coresh

“Paper Prince” by Foy Vance (this is the track that closes the episode)

Episode 704: Poor Little Lambs

“Shambles” by Handsome as Sin

“Things We Lost in the Fires” by John Murry

“Sex on 42nd Street” by Savoir Faire “Close Enough to Burn” by Sweetwater & the Satisfaction

“Baby, Please Don’t Go” by Franky Perez and the Forest Rangers — cover of the original track by Big Joe Williams (this is the track that closes the episode)

Episode 705: Some Strange Eruption

“In Ruins” by Danielle Woodrow

“Fly Away” by Micah Wilshire

“The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In” by Joshua James and The Forest Rangers — original track from “Hair” the musical (this is the track that closes the episode)

Episode 706: Smoke Em If You Got Em

“California” by John Murry

“How Many Women” by Lydia Loveless

“Coricidin Bottle” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

“I Wanna” by Double Wide Disaster

“Holy Man” by Niko Nicotera

“Ladron” by Pistolera

Episode 707: Greensleeves

“Greensleeves” covered by Katey Sagal and the Forest Rangers (this is the song that closes the episode)

“Crash Dummy” by Kidz in the Hall

“I Just Came to Get It” by Prophit

“It’s Only Make Believe” by Conway Twitty (the song that Bobby is singing in the car when he gets run off the road)

“The Wicked” by Blues Saraceno (this is the song featured in the trailer for next week’s episode “The Separation of Crows”).  The song is featured in the Dark Country 3 soundtrack, which has popped up several times on Sons of Anarchy already. Highly recommend picking this one up.

Episode 708: The Separation of Crows

All Along the Watchtower” by Billy Valentine and the Forest Rangers (featured track in the closing sequence of the episode)

The other featured track this episode was an instrumental version of “All Along the Watchtower” with Gabe Witcher on violin that opened the episode with Jax sitting on the roof. It will be available on iTunes on November 10 according to Sons of Anarchy music supervisor Bob Thiele.

Episode 709: What a Piece of Work Man Is

(No songs played in this episode at all)

Episode 710: Faith and Despondency

— The song that opened tonight’s episode was a cover of the Bob Dylan track “Boots of Spanish Leather” as covered by The Forest Rangers and Amos Lee

— The song playing when Chibs arrives at Jarry’s house is another Forest Rangers tune titled “Trying to Believe You’re Mine“, which is available on their upcoming album that will be released in 2015.

— The trailer for next week’s episode titled “Suits of Woe” featured a song titled “Run On” by Blues Saraceno, which features a sample of the Johnny Cash tune “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. It was also featured in the trailers for the final season of “Dexter”

Episode 711: Suits of Woe

— The only prominent song in the episode is a cover by The Forest Rangers of the classic hymn “Blessed Assurance“,which plays while Gemma drives north in her car.

— The other music in the episode is featured when Jax goes on his car chase through Stockton with the police behind him. The music is “Jacknife” by Jackie McLean

Episode 712: Red Rose

— The song featured in the closing montage is “Make It Rain” by Ed Sheeran. The song is originally written by Foy Vance, whose song “Paper Prince” was also featured earlier this season. Listen to Sheeran’s version below:

— If you’d like to hear the original by Foy Vance he performs it HERE

— One more note, the preview video for the series finale of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ titled ‘Papa’s Goods” features a cover of the classic Bob Dylan track “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” as covered by Antony & The Johnsons, which was originally featured in the film “I’m Not There”.

Episode 713: Papa’s Goods

— The song featured at the open of the episode is “Adam Raised a Cain” by Bruce Springsteen. The boss rarely allows anyone to use his songs so this was a rare treat

— The track that was featured in the Sons of Anarchy commercials for the season 7 DVD and complete collection was ‘Renegade‘ by Styx

— The closing track at the end was titled ‘Come Join the Murder‘ by The White Buffalo and the Forest Rangers, lyrics written by Kurt Sutter. You can get the track on iTunes.

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