Super Villain Carnage Possibly Coming to Life in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spinoff

Sony is betting big on the upcoming slate of Spider-Man spinoff films starting with the Sinister Six, but it appears another famous villain might be popping up opposite Venom very soon…

While Marvel films has a slew of heroes and titles to work with and 20th Century FOX has the X-Men and all things mutant locked down, Sony has one superhero franchise with which to toy, and so they are tinkering and expanding the Spider-Man universe as much as a web can be spun.

Sony announced recently that they have plans in place to feature several Spider-Man spinoff films after ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ opens in May. First up is a movie about the infamous Spider-Man super group of villains called ‘The Sinister Six’. There have already been teases for many of the characters who could appear throughout the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ trailers, and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ writer/director Drew Goddard has signed on to complete the script for the upcoming project.

Following ‘The Sinister Six’ it appears Sony is zeroing in on a film about Venom — the ultra popular bad guy who was once a part of Peter Parker after an alien symbiote merged with his body, only to be spit out again and instead attach itself to revenge hungry former Daily Bugle employee Eddie Brock.

Venom briefly appeared in the god awful sequel ‘Spider-Man 3’ with Topher Grace playing the part, but now Sony wants to feature him in his own movie and possibly pair him off against none other than Carnage.

In the comic books, Carnage was a piece of the Venom alien that spawned off and attached itself to convicted serial killer Cletus Kasady. Together the volatile pair waged a war in the streets of New York with a thirst for blood while battling Spider-Man along the way.  The movies thus far have dabbled in the idea that Oscorp worked with Peter Parker’s father on a series of dangerous experiments (similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man universe) and maybe this is how both Venom and Carnage could be explained without any aliens getting involved.

A teaser on the Sony owned ‘Daily Bugle’ Tumblr with an article written by ‘Eddie Brock’ (Venom) talks about Kasady being captured after a daring escape from prison. Considering the source and the material covered, all signs are pointing towards the eventual showdown between Venom and Carnage in a movie.

Obviously if Sony is going to make films centered around villains, there has to be a driving force behind them beyond general mass destruction and mayhem and if Spider-Man isn’t showing up, somebody else has to stop them. In this case if Venom is bad, Carnage is way, way worse.

Whether or not the plan is to actually pair Venom up with Carnage remains to be seen, but all the signs are pointing in that direction ahead of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ landing in theaters.

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