‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Alex’: Kidnapped

In the latest ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara and Maggie have to work together after Alex is kidnapped…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The final three episodes of ‘Supergirl’ season 2 will kick off next Monday but the latest offering ended up being one of the best episodes thus far as Kara and Maggie are forced to work together in an effort to save Alex.

A big part of the episode is based around the notion that Supergirl — for all the good she does in the world — can sometimes be a little heavy handed when real police work is needed to solve a crime.

The episode kicks off with Maggie embroiled in a 19-hour long negotiation with bank robbers that was nearing an end, but suddenly Supergirl shows up, tears through the ceiling and apprehends the culprits in an instant. Of course that seems like an easy enough course of action until Kara learns that criminals are starting to use her forceful tactics as a defense in court.

It all boils down to Supergirl’s heavy-handed approach towards stopping crime versus the good old fashioned police work that often times requires detection and negotiation instead of brute strengh.

It’s an interesting conundrum considering Kara and Maggie are forced to explore both options after Alex is kidnapped and held hostage when a familiar face from the past resurfaces looking to bargain for his father to be freed from prison.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Alex’…


Following the bank robbers being taken down by Supergirl, Kara and Mon-El meet up with Alex and Maggie for a rather uncomfortable dinner.

Maggie is clearly upset that Kara uses her super powers to bring down criminals with sheer force rather than the police work she uses to stop them each and everyday. The argument ends in a shouting match with Kara leaving the apartment over the dustup.

Alex plays peacekeeper by first smoothing things out with her girlfriend and then chasing after Kara to ensure things are also OK with her sister.

The next morning, Maggie seeks out Kara at work when Alex never returned home later that night. It turns out, Alex never caught up with Kara after the dinner either.

When Kara’s phone rings with Alex’s caller ID, she believes the problem is solved until a voice on the other end of the phone explains that her sister has been taken hostage and she needs to break somebody out of prison in exchange for her life. Oh and the caller just so happens to know that Kara is also Supergirl, which makes this an even bigger problem than first suspected.

At the DEO, no one seems to be able to track Alex through the locater implant that was surgically injected into her skin while Kara and Maggie are still at odds about how to track down where she’s been taken. A visit to the prisoner in question — a man named Peter Thompson — doesn’t help much either, especially considering J’onn reads his mind and there’s nothing hidden away to tell them who is behind Alex’s kidnapping.

It’s not until Winn does his own digging into Thompson’s visitor’s log at the prison to figure out he has a son who has come to see him over the past few years, but without the same name or records that they are related, it was harder to track him down. When he finally does, Winn tells Kara and she realizes that the person who abducted her sister is someone from their shared past.

The kidnapper’s name is Rick Malverne — a high school classmate of the Danvers’ sisters, who has now taken Alex in an attempt to free his father from prison.

Show of Strength

Kara makes a mad dash back to Midvale to where Rick Malverne resides and inside she sees a set of television screens showing her sister being held inside a cell at an undisclosed location. Soon after, Malverne arrives and applauds her for figuring out his identity so quickly but also warns her that it won’t really matter.

Malverne then explains how he figured out that she was Supergirl based on a trip to the beach when they were all kids and he saw Kara help to save two people from a car accident. Despite an explosion, Kara walked away without a scratch and that stuck with him for years until he saw Supergirl turn up in National City and it all made sense to him.

After that, Malverne plotted for a year, watching Alex and Kara as he carefully planned the abduction and how to ensure Supergirl would ultimately free his father.

Kara takes him back to the DEO for questioning, but even a rouse by J’onn transforming into Malverne’s father doesn’t work to get him to release Alex from captivity. When Alex is able to send out a signal from her prison cell using the locater implanted in her body, Winn gives Kara the location, which results in her flying off in great haste to find her sister despite Maggie’s pleas for patience.

As expected, Kara busts into the room where Alex is allegedly being held but instead she only triggers another trap. Water starts flooding into Alex’s cell and she now only has four hours left until she’s completely submerged.

Of course, Maggie is irate that Kara once again felt that power over precision was the way things would get done and now Alex is hours away from dying. Malverne is steely in his resolve as well, only offering them a few minutes to talk with her before cutting them off and once again demanding his father be released.

State of Love and Trust

As enraged as Kara is about the entire situation, she also knows that Malverne isn’t giving up and her options are running low. Meanwhile, Maggie makes one more visit to Malverne when he realizes that his entire plan was based around the wrong person busting his father out of jail. He always believed that Supergirl would make it happen because she’s a powerful alien, who loves her sister, but he underestimated her sense of right and wrong when it came to breaking someone out of prison.

Instead, Malverne realizes he should have targeted Maggie because she loves Alex and she’s capable of doing anything to ensure her safe return.

Before long, Maggie breaks into the prison to free Peter Thompson from his cell so she can bargain for Alex’s life in return. Thankfully, Kara figure out that Maggie was making this move and she rushes to the prison to stop her. Rather than use her brute strength to force Thompson to make his son give up, Kara instead implores him as a father to do what’s right while stopping Rick from taking somebody’s life because that’s an act he can never come back from.

Sure enough, Thompson tells them the location where his son would have most likely hidden Alex so they rush to save her life.

Maggie and Kara arrive just in the nick of time as they break Alex free just as she was submerged in water. The day has been saved while Maggie and Kara both realize that they make a pretty good team together, especially when something so important is on the line.

Back at the DEO, Alex and Maggie profess their love for one another for the first time. The close call nearly cost Alex her life and she proclaims that she never wants to go on another day without telling Maggie that she loves her.

Meanwhile, Malverne is sent to get his mind wiped by J’onn but not before Alex slugs him with a solid punch as payback for her kidnapping. And finally, Maggie and Kara both concede that they each have their own style of fighting crime but working together as opposed to apart is really the way they should both approach things going forward.

Alien Invasion

The other story this week sets up the final three episodes as Queen Rhea from Daxam befriends Lena Luthor in an attempt to forge a partnership so she can build a piece of alien technology on Earth.

Rhea passes herself off as a human as well as a scientist while trying to gain Lena’s trust so she can build her device. Lena eventually sees through her disguise and figures out that Rhea was an alien before booting her from the office.

Rhea returns and feigns that she didn’t want to tell Lena the truth because her mother was such an advocate against aliens. The device Rhea wants to build is called a transmatter portal — which essentially functions like a transporter on ‘Star Trek’ to help transfer items across great distances while passing through a portal. Rhea sells the idea as a way for her to return home while also benefitting mankind because this device could help send food or supplies to different parts of the world where it’s needed without needing to travel thousands upon thousands of miles at a time.

Lena rebuffs her at first, but then admits that the device would be a great technological advance for the Earth so she partners up with Rhea to make her design become reality.

Little does Lena know that Rhea is plotting against mankind and this device could bring humanity to its knees.

‘Supergirl’ returns next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW

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