Supergirl Recap ‘Schott Through The Heart’: Mommy Issues

In the Supergirl recap, Winn is reunited with his mother following the death of his father and Mon-El finally comes clean with Kara…

By Damon Martin — Editor/lead Writer

It’s been more than two months since Supergirl aired a new episode — taking a two month hiatus to make room for Legends of Tomorrow — but the show returned on Monday night with a few hints about what’s left to come for the remainder of season three.

When we last left Supergirl, Mon-El found out that his wife Imra was keeping a secret from him regarding the Legion traveling back in time, which led to his reunion with Kara.

Meanwhile, Lena figured out that something was wrong with Sam and she decided to run every kind of test on her friend to find out exactly why she’s been blacking out and losing so much time. Hint: She’s a World Killer.

As for where this episode picks up, Winn takes center stage after finding out that his father — The Toyman — died in prison, which leads to a family reunion with his mother, who he hasn’t seen in 20 years.

The other main story this week involves J’onn and his father spending some time with Alex when she finds out an awful secret that could rock her boss’ world from now until forever.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of Supergirl tilted ‘Schott Through the Heart’…

Mommy Issues

A team night out doing karaoke is interrupted when Winn sees a story on the news that his father, the Toyman, has died in prison. Obviously, Winn has been conflicted with his feelings about his father for quite some time but now with him dead, he’s even more confused than before.

At the funeral, Winn can’t bring himself to say any words regarding his father but he’s silenced even further when he locks eyes with his mother, who he hasn’t seen for 20 years. The family reunion is short lived when Kara hears a ticking inside the casket so she rushes off and returns as Supergirl to save the day as the Toyman’s coffin explodes in a ball of fire.

Back at the DEO, Winn doesn’t want to have anything to do with his mother after she abandoned him, but she explains that his father threatened to kill him if she didn’t stay away. Now with the Toyman dead and exploded, Mary has reached out to her son to try and reconnect but he’s not interested after being left with his father for all those years she was gone.

Mary finally explains to her son that a spoiled trip to Disneyland when he was still just a boy was actually her attempt to escape to a domestic violence shelter but the Toyman caught up with them and ran the entire family off the road. That’s when he levied the threat against her that if she didn’t leave, he would kill Winn.

It seems that Toyman is still trying to follow through on his threat, even from beyond the grave, as an army of mechanical flying monkeys soon arrive to attack the DEO.

A gigantic battle ensues but thanks to Supergirl, James and the rest of the DEO pitching in, they are able to defeat the flying army and save the day. Still they are no closer to finding out who is doing this, especially considering Winn triple checked to ensure his father was actually dead.

It turns out Mary finds the clue to the culprit behind these attacks when she helps her son disassemble some of the mechanical monkeys. One of the pieces inside the body of the monkey points to an old toy company that Mary recognizes from her marriage to the Toyman.

When she arrives to confront whoever has been going after her son, it is revealed that the Toyman had a protégé that he groomed in prison. She was a former maintenance worker — who also happens to be the same actress who played Catherine Martin in Silence of the Lambs so it’s a nice nod when Mary calls her ‘Buffalo Bill’.

Now the Toyman’s prodigy has taken Mary hostage and she puts a call out to Winn to either deliver himself to her or his mother dies.

Team Supergirl arrives to back him up and another battle ensues, this time with Mon-El saving the day with some nifty cape tricks he picked up while working with the Legion. Winn is able to save his mother and together they stop the Toyman’s maniacal prodigy. A family is reunited and a terrible legacy has been defeated.

Forget Me Not

With J’onn spending more and more time with his father M’yrnn now that he’s on Earth, Alex decides that they need to finally host a house warming party — or at the very least a dinner where she’s the only invited guest.

Dinner is going well but M’yrnn starts to exhibit some strange behavior as he’s struggling to remember things and he’s doubling back on conversations he’s already had.

Alex finally deduces that M’yrnn is suffering from some sort of early on set dementia and that’s why he’s been forgetting so much lately. M’yrnn comes clean that he’s suffering from a disease that happens in elder Martians that robs them of their memories over time but he makes Alex promise that she won’t tell J’onn what’s happening.

M’yrnn knows that his son was just reunited with his father and he doesn’t want to burden him with that news just yet, especially after they’ve just reconnected after all these years.


With the Toyman’s prodigy defeated, Winn and Mary join the rest of the DEO team back at karaoke night to celebrate.

All episode long, James has been trying to reach Lena but she’s been out of communication. When she finally calls back, Lena says that she’s been stuck in an important meeting for days and she just now came up for air. The reality is Lena’s been locked away in a lab running tests on Sam trying to get to the root cause of her blackouts and disappearances.

Meanwhile, Mon-El is finally able to corner Kara for some alone time as well as he decides to come clean with her about the truth that he learned from Imra.

It seems that the third World Killer that they’ve yet to discover named Pestilence will eventually transform into the villain known as ‘Blight’ in 1,000 yaers that will serve as the greatest threat in the history of humanity. Imra and Brainy set up this trip back through time without telling Mon-El in an attempt to stop Pestilence now before she becomes so incredibly powerful that she transforms into Blight.

Now it’s up to Supergirl and the Legion to find the third World Killer and stop her before she becomes a force greater than any other evil ever known to mankind.

Supergirl returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW


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