Supergirl Recap ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’: Judge, Jury, Executioner

In the Supergirl recap, Kara says goodbye to her aunt and finds out that there’s someone else out there using lethal force to put away the Fort Rozz escapees….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer @DamonMartin

Supergirl was forced to deal with a moral dilemma this week while also facing the fallout from the death of her aunt Astra as well as an alien who isn’t wreaking havoc but instead going after criminals by any means necessary.

As the first season of the show cruises along, this latest episode was admittedly one of the weaker offerings as it really felt like filler to take up a gap for empty space rather than actually move along the bigger story.

The side story about Kara battling a second assistant hired at Cat Co. as her punishment for seemingly never being around really felt forced and out of place but maybe that work rivalry will morph into something else as the season moves forward.

The bigger plot this week revolved around Kara’s search for a ‘master jailer’ as well as an internal conflict that she’s forced to face after realizing that she may not be able to forgive Hank for killing her aunt (even though it was actually Alex who did it) even if he had no other choice.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of Supergirl titled ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’…

Funeral for a Friend

Out of nowhere, Non shows up at Kara’s apartment and invites her to say goodbye to her aunt Astra, who is being given a funeral alongside her brothers and sisters in arms. As part of traditional Kryptonian custom, Kara gives a funeral prayer as Astra skates off into space like something out of Star Trek before she has one more confrontation with Non.

He explains that it’s customary that a husband morn for his wife for the next two weeks but after that he will return to National City and kill Kara dead for her part in Astra’s death.

During their interaction, Kara also picks up on something Non says about ‘myriad’, which certainly doesn’t sound like it will be good for the people of Earth but following the funeral it’s time to get back to work both at Cat Co and with the DEO.

Back at the office while dealing with her new co-assistant, Kara finds out that Cat is digging into a news story that’s breaking out of Lord Industries except there’s one big problem — Maxwell Lord hasn’t been seen in days and no one seems to know where he’s at. Of course, James and Kara know all too well that he’s currently being stashed as a prisoner without rights underneath the DEO headquarters in National City.

Cat’s determined to find Maxwell while believing he’s been kidnapped, but the bigger problem is James can’t stand idly by while somebody is held captive without any kind of legal charges being filed against him much less the chance to stand trial for his crimes. Essentially, the DEO is running their own private Guantanamo and James is not a fan at all.

To make matters worse, he’s stuck in an impossible situation with Lucy, who wants answers about his constant conversations with Kara while believing that he’s secretly in love with her (he is in love with her but in this context he’s actually just talking to her about Supergirl related stuff that Lucy can’t hear).

The Master Jailer

The bad guy of the week is a former prison guard who worked on Fort Rozz when the ship crash landed on Earth several years ago. The DEO believed all the prison guards on board had either died in the crash or been killed by the prisoners who escaped.

Apparently there was one who didn’t die and he’s been posing as a National City cop ever since, while quietly tracking down each and every criminal who escaped. His own justice includes kidnapping the criminal from whatever life they’ve now assumed on Earth and then lopping their heads off with a new age guillotine.

When Supergirl finally tracks down the Fort Rozz ‘master jailer’, she attempts to battle him but he gets one over on her and places her in cell with a light shining down on her that looks and acts suspiciously like the red sun of Krypton — in other words it takes away her powers.

Thankfully, Hank and Alex are able to track the jailer’s movements from his cell phone records as a cop and they show up just in the nick of time to stop him from killing another criminal, who had actually cleaned up his life on Earth, while also freeing Supergirl from captivity.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl is happy to stop another vigilante but she’s still struggling to deal with Hank, who she lashes out at because she believes he killed her aunt Astra. To make matters worse, Kara visits the hologram chamber to get some answers from her (almost) mother about the ‘myriad’ project that Non mentioned but the word itself sends the program into overload.

So Supergirl doesn’t have any answers about the ‘myriad’ project and she’s barely able to function at work thanks to the growing tension with Hank after he killed her only living relative.

An Innocent Man



Kara talks to James after he shows up at the DEO asking for Maxwell Lord to be released. He can’t go on lying about where Max has been taken and following her own encounter with a being who wanted to play judge, jury and executioner earlier in the day, she realizes that holding him without any chance to ever gain his freedom is just wrong.

So Kara helps Max get his release from the DEO but even he’s curious why she would take this risk considering he knows everything about her and has the power to reveal her secret to the world. Kara tells him that she’s just hoping for the best in him and that he’ll see she’ doing far more good for the world as Supergirl than she ever could if her secret is revealed.

Back at Cat Co, Kara has one more run in with the bitchy assistant before James hits her with one more bomb — he wants to invite Lucy into the inner circle and share the word about her true identity as Supergirl. Obviously Kara is hesitant but James knows that this secret is driving a wedge between him and Lucy and without her finding out the truth, his relationship might be at an end.

Will Kara give James the green light to reveal her secret to Lucy? Will Kara find out what the myriad program is all about? And how much longer until Kara finds out that it was her sister and not Hank Henshaw who killed Astra?

Tune into Supergirl next Monday night at 8pm to hopefully get at least one or two of these answered.

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