Syfy Cancels ‘Happy!’ and ‘Deadly Class’

Two comic book based series — ‘Happy!’ and ‘Deadly Class’ have been cancelled by Syfy…

A pair of comic book based series — ‘Happy!’ and ‘Deadly Class’ — have both been canceled by the Syfy network.

‘Happy!’ based on a comic by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson starred Christopher Meloni in the lead role as an ex-cop turned hitman, who wakes up from a heart attack to discover an imaginary blue horse named Happy, who accompanies him everywhere he goes. The show received solid reviews during season 1 but Syfy opted to cancel the series following a recently released season 2.

As for ‘Deadly Class’, that series was based on comic book by Rick Remender and Wes Craig about a high school that breeds the world’s greatest assassins. ‘Deadly Class’ only made it one season before being cancelled by Syfy.

While both series have been cancelled, ‘Happy!’ and ‘Deadly Class’ are being shopped around by their studios in hopes of finding an alternate place to call home to continue the shows in the future.

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