Talk Nerdy to Me Podcast Special: ‘Clerks’ 20th Anniversary Special

Listen as we give our own commentary track to the entire film ‘Clerks’ in celebration of Kevin Smith’s first movie that was released 20 years ago…

Clerks‘ was a monumental achievement on film for a number of reasons. It was Kevin Smith’s first movie and introduction into the film business. It was made for a ridiculously low sum of money. And in 2014 — 20 years after first being released — it remains one of the funniest films of an entire generation.

So as a special tribute, our hosts Damon Martin and Duane Finley will watch the entire movie from start to finish and give their own commentary track to Kevin Smith’s first movie. There will be laughs, cries and maybe a few ‘did they really just say thats?” along the way.

If you want to listen and watch, just press play when we tell you to and you can listen, watch and celebrate ‘Clerks‘ right alongside!

This is the ‘Talk Nerdy to Me‘ tribute to the 20th anniversary of Clerks.

(If the embeddable player does not work please click HERE to listen — don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes)

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