‘The Flash’ Season 4 Will Feature a Much Different Kind of Villain

‘The Flash’ season 4 won’t kick off until the fall but the producers already have an idea in mind for a new big bad…

The Reverse Flash. Zoom. Savitar.

If there’s been one common theme to the big bads coming after Barry Allen on ‘The Flash’ it’s that all of them have been speedsters. Despite, Barry taking on all sorts of meta-humans, aliens and even a gigantic telepathic gorilla, his main opposition during the first three seasons have all been villains with similar speed to his own.

That all changes in season 4.

‘The Flash’ has already been picked up for a fourth season and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed this past weekend that there won’t be a speedster as the main villain when the show returns in the fall.

“Next season we’re not going to have a speedster [as the villain],” Kreisberg said.

There were no hints about the direction ‘The Flash’ might be going for Barry’s main opponent during season 4, although throughout comic book history there have been plenty of bad guys who took on the Scarlet Speedster who weren’t nearly as fast as the fastest man alive.

As far as the remainder of season 3 goes, ‘The Flash’ will continue to build towards an ultimate showdown with Savitar — the self professed God of Speed — and revealing his or her identity will be a big part of the story yet to come.

‘The Flash’ pulled off a great double switch last season when revealing that Hunter Zolomon was really Zoom with an even bigger bomb dropped when they discovered Jay Garrick being held hostage as the man in the iron mask by the powerful speedster on Earth-2.

The big reveal this season promises to be just as jaw dropping and ‘The Flash’ executive producers promise that it’s something they’ve had in the works all along.

“With Savitar, we know who he is under there,” Kreisberg said. “We’ve been planning this for a while and we’re really excited about it.”

One interesting twist will come during episode 18 when Barry goes up against a villain named Abra Kadabra, who is also a villain from the future and a person who knows Savitar’s true identity.

“He knows who Savitar is and comes with a moral conundrum: Do Barry and the team let Abra Kadabra go in order to get Savitar’s identity? It’s a great mortality play,” Kreisberg teased. “Iris and Barry have a great scene, ‘Can you be a hero if you do one bad thing?’”

This will eventually lead to Barry traveling into the future in episode 19 and we all know how his trips into the timeline have ended in the past.

This week ‘The Flash’ will take a break from the battle against Savitar as Barry and his good friend Kara Zor-El are drawn into an alternate universe by the evil Music Meister in a special musical episode debuting Tuesday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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