The Flash: Zoom Takes Another Life Ahead of the Season Finale

The Flash has just seen the end of another iconic character at the tail end of the penultimate episode for season 2….


Throughout season 2 of The Flash, Barry Allen and his friends have been trying to stop Zoom from running rampant over their world after escaping his own stronghold on Earth-2.

Zoom unleashed his latest attack on Central City during the latest episode titled “Invincible” as he brought over an army of metahumans from his world to help conquer the city in hopes that the Flash couldn’t possibly stop everybody.

Zoom nearly got his wish when The Flash went up against Black Siren — the Earth-2 doppelganger of Arrow’s Black Canary Laurel Lance. Thankfully, Barry got an assist from his new pal Wally West, who showed up just in the nick of time to save him before Black Siren and the rest of the metahumans were taken out thanks to a weapon built by the team at STAR Labs that sent out a high frequency signal that knocked out anybody from Earth-2.

Unfortunately, Zoom got away at the last moment before he went unconscious, but it was still a victory worth celebrating, especially after he taunted Barry throughout the episode that his desire to be a hero was the reason he’d always lose to him. Zoom’s reasoning is that the Flash is just like him deep down inside, but he’s convinced himself that his sole purpose is to help other people and that will eventually get him killed.

Still, Barry felt like it was time to enjoy the moment after he helped capture all the Earth-2 metahumans and sent Zoom packing back to his own world. He even suggested to Iris that they finally try to be together.

But then out of nowhere, Zoom reappears on Earth-1 and decides to force Barry’s hand and prove to the hero that if he really looks inside himself, he’ll find the same darkness that turned Hunter Zoloman from a happy, well adjusted kid to a sociopathic killer.

To accomplish this goal, Zoom kidnaps Henry Allen and races him back to the same house where Barry grew up and saw his mother being attacked by the Reverse Flash 15 years ago.

Barry pleaded with Zoom to take him instead, but the ominous villain took one swipe with his hand and phased through Henry’s back and chest before he fell dead. Barry shrieked out in horror as he watched his father die in front of him, just days after the two of them reconnected.

Now Barry will have to face Zoom one more time but can he stay focused on the task at hand to defeat him or will he prove his arch nemesis right that he was one bad day away from becoming just like him?

The Flash season 2 finale airs next Tuesday night at 8pm ET on the CW — check out the trailer below

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