The Leftovers Moves to Australia for The Final Season

The Leftovers has long teased a connection to Australia and now the show will move there for the third and final season….

The Leftovers will receive a third and final season to wrap up the story started by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta and now the series will shift course again with a relocation down under to Australia.

The show that follows the Garvey family as they survive in the wake of two-percent of the world’s population just disappearing one day already moved the family from New York in season one to Texas in season two.

Now The Leftovers will relocate once again with Australia becoming the backdrop to the show.

For those that don’t remember season one or season two, Australia has been a popular place to talk about on The Leftovers ever since the show debuted.

— Last season when Kevin “died” and went to purgatory, he interacted with his father, who said he went to Perth, Australia for answers after he was released from a mental health facility. One of the main people Kevin meets in both of his trips to purgatory is Australian.

— Kevin’s father went to Australia after the voices in his head told him to go there.

— A news report last season teased a man who emerged from a cave in Australia that claimed he had been resurrected from the dead.

— Also the man sitting on top of the tower in the middle of Jarden, Texas wrote a letter to someone and sent it off to Sydney, Australia.

In other words, The Leftovers has been connected to Australia for quite some time and now the series will move there for the final season on HBO. There’s been no debut date for The Leftovers final season on HBO.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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