‘The Punisher’ Trailer Arrives and Frank Castle Wants to Kill Em All (VIDEO)

Take a look at the first official trailer for ‘The Punisher’ as Frank Castle continues his hunt for the people who killed his family…

The first official trailer for ‘The Punisher’ has arrived and Frank Castle is leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

Following his initial appearance in ‘Daredevil’ season 2, Jon Bernthal picks up right where he left off as Frank Castle — an ex-military special operative who has been tormented ever since his family was gunned down and he was left to pick up the pieces.

Set to a soundtrack provided by the haunting Metallica track “One”, the trailer shows Frank continuing to dig deeper into the cause and effect behind his family being murdered with a whole new list of suspects including the CIA after he was engaged in some sort of operation during his time in the military.

Clearly, ‘The Punisher’ will be the most violent series to date in the Marvel lineup on Netflix as Frank Castle isn’t taking on anybody with mystical powers or impenetrable skin — he’s facing men with guns Frank has to have bigger and scarier guns of his own.

Take a look at the first trailer from ‘The Punisher’, which is due out later this year with a release date still to be announced.

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