‘The Strain’ Renewed for Fourth and Final Season on FX

‘The Strain’ will end on its own terms after the horror series was renewed for one last season by FX…

‘The Strain’ will come to an end after season four.

The horror series based on books by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro was renewed on Tuesday for a fourth and final season by FX, allowing the show to come to an end on its own terms in the summer of 2017.

The series developed by Carlton Cuse along with Hogan and del Toro is currently in the middle of season three airing Sunday nights on FX. Based on books of the same name, the story in ‘The Strain’ follows a vampire outbreak that tears through New York City before reaching other parts of the globe as a mythical creature known as The Master looks to take over the world by spreading his plague to every corner of civilization while wiping out humanity.

“We sincerely thank Carlton Cuse, Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan and their creative team as well as the fantastic cast for three exciting seasons of The Strain,” said FX Networks president of original programming Nick Grad. “Though we’re sad to see it go, we fully support the way in which they are crafting the fourth season’s dramatic conclusion.”

When ‘The Strain’ first started, Cuse said that he didn’t envision the show going beyond five total seasons because the original source material was only three books to begin with.

The third season actually reduced the total number of episodes down to 10, which Cuse said was a calculated move to pack more action into each episode while telling the story they always intended to tell.

Now ‘The Strain’ will officially wrap up in the fourth season with filming expected to begin in Toronto next year with a 2017 debut date on FX.

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