The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Says Negan is ‘Most Formidable and Terrifying Threat’

Expect a lot to happen in the second half of The Walking Dead season 6 with the arrival of Negan and the loss of a few characters you know and love…

The Walking Dead returns in less than two weeks — February 14 to be exact — and the final eight episodes of season 6 promise to be a roller coaster of emotions not to mention the arrival of a big bad the likes of this show has never seen before.

When we last left off on The Walking Dead, the citizens from Alexandria were attempting to walk through a sea of undead after the walls came down and the horde of zombies flooded into the once safe town.

Rick Grimes and the other survivors draped themselves in dead body parts and innards to hopefully escape the army of the dead that’s currently invading the town. Meanwhile somewhere on the outskirts of Alexandria, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha have encountered representatives of The Saviors — the most dangerous group they will ever go up against after hearing the name Negan for the first time in the history of The Walking Dead.

From the sound of things, The Walking Dead will be a very intense series for the final eight episodes of season 6 and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, promises that not everyone will make it out alive and emotions are going to run very high as the show moves forward towards the finale.

“There’s some large things that happen to us in the back half and we don’t all survive and we don’t all take it very well,” Reedus teased.

There’s no clear indication of who might or might not make it, but one thing that is definitely happening by the end of The Walking Dead season 6 is the arrival of Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who comic book readers know is by far the most vile villain Rick and the other survivors have ever faced.

A brutal but smart leader, Negan commands an army known as The Saviors and unlike every other bad guy the survivors have faced over six seasons, this particular psychopath isn’t teetering on the edge of sanity — he’s holding on with a firm grip and while he might be sadistic, he’s also charismatic, unrelenting, and the most intelligent foe they’ve ever gone up against.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, says this is a part of the comic book universe he’s been itching to get to and with good reason. In the comics, Rick and Negan share some of the most intense and taut scenes ever written by show creator Robert Kirkman and if even half of that translates onto television, both actors are going to have some serious work ahead of them in what could be the greatest battle in Walking Dead history.

“It’s a part of the comic book that I’ve been looking forward to getting to,” Lincoln said. “We do face the most formidable and terrifying threat.”

Look for plenty more from The Saviors as The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 6 on Feb. 14 but don’t expect Negan to make his first appearance until the season finale and then hold on because things are going to get crazy after his arrival.

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