‘The Walking Dead’ Show Runner Teases the Arrival of The Whisperers

‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 will see the arrival of another infamous group of villains arrive from the comic books as The Whisperers join the cast…

Following the events in ‘All Out War’ where Rick Grimes finally put an end to Negan and his tyrannical reign, they survivors are now starting to put the pieces back together by rebuilding all of their various communities.

While there’s some infighting that’s to be expected, for the most part everybody is working towards a common goal to rebuild a world worth living in. Unfortunately, those plans will run into a major obstacle course when a group known as The Whisperers finally arrive on ‘The Walking Dead’.

Based on characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, The Whisperers are a group of humans who wear skin suits of the dead so that they are able to walk amongst a herd of zombies and lead them wherever they want to go. The group communicates with each other through hushed whispers so they don’t alert the dead to their presence, thus the name of their group.

The leader is a woman named Alpha, who will be played by Samantha Morton, while her No. 2 in charge Beta will be portrayed by ‘Sons of Anarchy’ veteran Ryan Hurst.

As of now it’s not clear when The Whisperers will arrive but they were already teased during ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 trailer and show runner Angela Kang further teased the group when speaking on ‘Talking Dead’ on Sunday night following the season 9 debut.

“I’m really excited for the fans to see the Whisperers,” Kang said. “They are scary MF’ers and Greg [Nicotero] has done some incredible work. I got photos, he texted me photos of things he was working on and I literally squealed in the office. I’m so excited.”

In the comics, The Whisperers’ arrival is marked by several major deaths from well known characters but the television series has often veered off that course so it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of impact they will make when they first arrive.

What we know for certain is The Whisperers are coming and they will play a major part in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns with a brand new episode next Sunday night at 9pm ET on AMC.

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