‘The Walking Dead’: Two New Scenes Revealed Ahead of Mid-Season Return (VIDEO)

“The Walking Dead” returns this Sunday night but ahead of the mid-season debut, two new scenes have been revealed including the opening moments of the next episode…

A guttural scream from Carol and a helpful piece of advice from Negan highlight two new scenes just revealed from “The Walking Dead” mid-season return on Sunday night on AMC.

Following a winter hiatus, the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 10 starts this weekend as the survivors move closer and closer towards the eventual “Whisperer War,” which is an iconic showdown from Robert Kirkman’s comic books.

At the end of the mid-season finale, Carol — in her thirst for vengeance — fell right into a trap laid by Alpha, which also led a group that included Daryl, Magda and Jerry down into a cave where the Whisperer’s horde has been hiding. In the opening minutes for “The Walking Dead” episode airing this Sunday, Alpha springs the trap and then tells her followers to make sure the group doesn’t escape as she intends to hear them suffer till their very last breath.

Inside the cave, the survivors realize the trouble they’re facing as Carol realizes that she’s been duped and walked right into the trop set by Alpha.

In the second scene from the new episode, Negan gets closer and closer to Alpha by offering her from friendly advice, which comes from his rise and fall as the leader of the Saviors. Negan once led a massive community but his dictatorship eventually led to trouble within his own ranks and the people he trusted most ultimately betrayed him.

That’s why he’s telling Alpha that she needs to look a little closer to home when it comes to the survivors tracking their every move. Instead of Alexandria or the Hilltop having a spy — perhaps the Whisperers have a traitor in their midst.

It doesn’t take Negan look to suss out the perpetrator as he reveals to Alpha in this interesting scene from the mid-season return.

Take a look at these two scenes and get ready for “The Walking Dead” to return this Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on AMC followed by our recap after the episode airs!

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